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sh404SEF is a Joomla-3 only extension. It will be/has been discontinued on August 17, 2023.

You can switch from sh404SEF to 4SEF for SEF URLS and 4SEO for an all-in-one Joomla SEO extension, which both run on Joomla 3 and Joomla 4.

Please refer to the sh404SEF FAQ page for more details.

Safe uninstall

Should you wish to remove sh404SEF from your website, simply use the Joomla! extension manager:

  • Select the Extensions > Extension manager menu items
  • Select the Manage tab in the left menu
  • Select the sh404SEF component
  • Click on the X uninstall button
  • Do not uninstall individual parts of sh404SEF: sh404SEF is made of a component and multiple plugins. You should always and only uninstall the sh404SEF component, not any of the other plugins that have 'sh404SEF' in their name.
  • Do not disable any of sh404SEF plugins before attempting to uninstall it. All sh404SEF plugins should be enabled before uninstalling, or this could cause fatal errors on your site.
  • sh404SEF also makes use of the shLib and/or wbLib plugins. shLib/wbLib are libraries of common programs that are shared by our extensions, most notably sh404SEF and Josetta. You should never uninstall shLib or wbLib plugins yourself. The extensions using them will do so if they see that no other extension needs them. Removing shLib or wbLib yourself will most likely break your site.

Complete removal

By default, uninstalling sh404SEF will actually leave behind all database tables and a set of configuration backup files (in the /media/sh404sef/folder). If you uninstall sh404SEF by mistake, breaking your site in the process, you can simply and immediately install again sh404SEF. All data and all settings will be recovered upon installation, and your site will be operational again.

Should you wish to entirely remove sh404SEF, including all database tables and configuration backup files, you should instruct sh404SEF to do so:

1 - Go to the control panel using the menu:

Components > sh404SEF > Control panel

2 - Click on the configuration button

Open sh404SEF configuration

3 - Reach the "Upgrade configuration" section

Reach the

4 - Choose "No" for those data type you wand to delete

Select which data to delete