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Customizable Joomla SEF URLs

4SEF URLs are fixed, predictable and independent from the Joomla menu structure. Finally change your menu and navigation without all links being broken.

SEF URLs are generated automatically but any single of them can be manually customized to exactly what you want and need.

4SEF creates SEF URLS in the exact same way as sh404SEF, our previous SEF URL extension.

4SEF works the same on Joomla 3 & Joomla 4.

4SEF list of SEF URLs created in a Joomla 4 website

4SEF is the continuation of our 15 years of work on Joomla SEF URLs with sh404SEF. sh404SEF is likely the longest running Joomla SEO extension still active today but it was not ready to make the jump to Joomla 4.

4SEF was developed to only focus on SEF URLs. It provides what we call SEF URLs continuity, meaning that Joomla 3 sites running sh404SEF can start using 4SEF today and keep their site SEF URLs as before.

Updating to Joomla 4 now becomes easy, as 4SEF works on both platforms.

But just maintaining SEF URLs would have been a lost opportunity, so 4SEF is also faster, uses less database space, is easier to use and provides the same modern user experience we now all expect from an application.

4SEF only deals with SEF URLs and for anything else SEO, there's 4SEO, the all-in-one Joomla SEO extension.

Fixed, predictable and configurable Joomla SEF URLs

  • SEF URLS are based on content titles and categories, not menu items
  • Change the site menu: URLs will not change anymore, you don't lose your SEO signals
  • No need to create menu items for each article at all
  • Content linked from different places always the same URL, no more duplicates
  • Many options to configure URLs: with or without categories, ids, date,...
Some of the options available to configure SEF URLs structure when using 4SEF
Dialog to manually customize an existing SEF URLs

Any Joomla SEF URL can be customized

  • Customize a SEF URL by just clicking on it in the list
  • A redirect is automatically created from the previous version to the new, so you don't lose SEO signals

SEF URLs continuity from sh404SEF

  • 4SEF creates the same SEF URLs as sh404SEF, with only rare exceptions
  • The 4SEF import wizard can import sh404SEF custom and automatic SEF URLs
  • Import is best done while still on Joomla 3
4SEF built-in import wizard to preserve sh404SEF SEF URLs

4SEF runs the same on Joomla 3 and 4. It is available in Czech, Danish, DutchEnglish, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish and Turkish. If you want to help translating it to other languages, please open a ticket and we'll get you started at our translation platform.

It is fully documented and the documentation is embedded in 4SEF itself as well.

4SEF can be extended programmatically with a documented set of hooks. Customize or extend it with a few lines of code for advanced processes.

The 4SEF subscription includes sh404SEF.

Get your Joomla SEF URLs right

Dive deeper with our Getting started video. A full tour and a dedicated section if you switch from sh404SEF: