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Welcome to 4SEF documentation

These pages explain how to install and use 4SEF, Weeblr's extension for creating and managing SEF URLs on your Joomla website.

Please be sure to check first the technical requirements for using 4SEF on your site. Then the Getting started video guide is likely your best bet to get running quickly and smoothly.

I'm upgrading from sh404SEF

4SEF is for the most part backward-compatible with sh404SEF, our long-running SEF extension for Joomla 3 site.

Important: You need to switch to 4SEF BEFORE uninstalling sh404SEF. If you are moving to Joomla 4, you need to switch to 4SEF BEFORE upgrading the site to Joomla 4.

4SEF can import both sh404SEF configuration and SEF URLs but if sh404SEF has already been uninstalled, Joomla will have removed its configuration from the database and 4SEF won't be able to import it automatically.

URLs can still be imported in that case, but you will have to match 4SEF configuration to sh404SEF configuration manually.

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