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The Joomla AI assistant that's always with you

4AI is a state-of-the art Joomla extension that gives you an always-on AI-powered assistant to create and revise the content of your website.

Powered by the API behind the well-known ChatGPT system, it's always available, backend or frontend, at the click of an icon or through a convenient keyboard shortcut.

It's integrated into Joomla so that you can create a new article or product description, an image, a translation, spell/check, title, description, tweet, Facebook posts in seconds, or just chat freely without opening a new tab.

Joomla 5, Joomla 4, Joomla 3, frontend or admin: this small icon is always there for you!

4AI assistant offering to save a newly created Joomla article

4AI is our latest extension. It takes advantage of recently available technologies to help you create and transform your Joomla website content quickly, easily and in ways that were not possible just a few months ago.

Get an outline for a new article. Write a product description by providing only basic information. 

Get the text of a new article in seconds, complete with a title, meta description. Save that text as a new Joomla article, in a category of your choice from one screen, with one click.

Translate an existing article to another language. Save it as a new article, automatically associated with the original one. In one click, from one screen with all formatting preserved.

Get a Facebook post or few suggested tweets for your blog post or product. Or a tweet threads, ready to tweet. Tweet directly from 4AI, with just a click.

Extract keywords, get related keywords or hashtags to feed your SEO reseach and linking efforts.

Or just chat directly with the AI, and copy/paste questions, responses or an entire discussion with just a click.

Powered by the makers of ChatGPT

4AI relies on OpenAI API to create or transform your content. That's the software running ChatGPT, the AI-based language processor which unleashed the word AI to a global audience at the end of November 2022.

While there's no practical alternative to OpenAI API at the moment, 4AI has been designed to be powered by other API providers in the future.

Note that you do NOT need a paid ChatGPT plan to use 4AI (but you'll need to pay for your API usage).

Create content...

Large Language models can be used to create many types of content. You may have tried that with ChatGPT. But getting them to produce exactly what you want, repeatedly is kinda of hard.

4AI helps you by crafting prompts we developed to repeatedly get properly formatted content suitable for various usages.

  • one or a few paragraphs, for instance a product description or part of an article
  • an email or a newsletter
  • blog post
  • an outline of a longer text (which you can then expand with the Transform features


...and save as new articles with one click

Once content has been created, use it in multiple ways: paste it somewhere or just create a new article straight from the 4AI interface.

Works for translations too: existing translations will be updated, or a new associated article is created in the correct category when no previous translation exists.

Create Images...

AI can also be used to create images. With the availability of OpenAI latest image model, DALL·E 3, performance and quality is now perfectly suited to create images for your Joomla website. As with text, writing the prompts and getting the options right is not always trivial though. 4AI offers:

  • Easy to use selectors for the models image dimensions, quality or style options.
  • 2 input fields for Alt and additional instructions
  • Select DALL·E 2 or DALL·E 3 model at any time
  • One click image saving to small, medium and large image sizes, in jpg and webp formats
  • One click to use as Intro or full Text Image
  • One click to insert image at editor cursor position, as a fully responsive img tag with alt, srcset and sizes attributes


...and iterate until image is fine

Once an image is created, you can also ask the AI to modify some parts of it until you get exactly what you want:

  • Use your mouse to click around the area to change
  • Enter the change description
  • Click!
4AI offering to rewrite a Joomla article to include the 4SEO and Weeblr keywords

Transform your content

Transforming content is likely where language models such as ChatGPT excels most.

With 4AI, you can super-easily perform many transformations on your content:

  • spell/grammar check: It's not just spelling or checking for grammar but indeed proofreading, including suggesting readability or clarity improvements
  • shortenExpand: have the AI rewrite your text, either because it's too long, or on the contrary if you think it requires a bit more details
  • Summarize: automatically create an abstract of a piece of text. Use in publication, as a description, as an announcement,...
  • Change style: change the tone of your product description, directory entry or podcast script: funnier, more professional, simpler or more elaborate...
  • Rewrite for keywords: an SEO consultant favorite! slightly alter a text to include - with caution - desired keywords or key phrases in places where they make sense
  • Translate: Large Language models are excellent at translating across many languages (45+ included in 4AI). But then 4AI does the rest by creating and managing Joomla associations automatically for your content.
AI-powered 4AI suggests 3 possible meta description for a Joomla item.

Common tedious SEO tasks at your fingertips

4AI can suggest multiple titles, meta description, extract keywords or find related keywords based on your actual content.

We developed the prompts used to query the AI API specifically for SEO purposes.

Select your preferred ones (or ask for more!) and click on a button to inject them in your article Publishing edit page form.

A set of automatically extracted keywords, related keywords and hashtags for a Joomla article

...including help in keywords and hashtags research

Keywords research is one of these tedious SEO tasks. 4AI extracts them for you and find related keywords you can use for linking, ads, or rewriting content.

In one go, also get the hashtags you need for social networks

Asking 4AI to create a Twitter thread automatically based on a Joomla article.

From content to social networks posts in seconds

Posting content to social networks is extremely important for many websites, but each network has its own specific requirements. Lots of work.

4AI makes the AI provider write multiple suggestions of Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter posts.

Complete with hashtags when needed, and images when found in your article options.

It even creates an entire Tweet thread, ready to tweet.

A full Twitter thread created based on a Joomla article and ready to be tweeted from 4AI.

Tweet right from your website

To make it even easier, all tweet proposals have a Tweet this button.

Just click, review the content and press Send...

A conversation with 4AI, getting the code to redirects pages in your .htaccess.

...or just chat with your AI assistant

Pick your subscription and get started!


The Joomla Assistant


  • Best for individuals
  • 1 year support+updates up to 3 sites
  • Runs on Joomla 3, 4 & 5
  • GPL license
  • Unlimited installations


The Joomla Assistant


  • Best for agencies
  • 1 year support+updates, unlimited sites
  • Runs on Joomla 3, 4 & 5
  • GPL license
  • Unlimited installations
4AI Community edition is also available free of charge from our downloads area. Compare features in the F.A.Q.
4AI: Make your life easier, be more productive!

4AI runs the same on Joomla 3, 4 and 5. Compatibility plugin not needed on Joomla 5.

It is available in 22 languages: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

It is fully documented and the documentation is embedded in 4AI itself as well.

4AI can be extended programmatically with a documented set of hooks. Customize or extend it with a few lines of code for advanced processes.