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General questions

What license do you use for your Joomla! extensions?

All our extensions are released under the GNU/GPL version 2 license. Unless otherwise stated and with the exception of trademarked material, the entire extension, including assets such as javascript or image files, is distributed under this license. We may also include parts or entire software provided by others, and in such case we will make sure that said software is also released under GPL or a GPL-compatible license. If you find otherwise, please get in touch (email links in footer), that's a mistake on our side.

Can I use your software on several sites?

Yes. As per the provisions of the GPL license, you can install and use the software on as many sites as you wish.
Note that we do not restrict support either, so you can ask for assistance while dealing with several sites as well.

Will your products still work after my subscription expires?

Yes. When your subscription expires, you will loose access to the subscribers-only part of the download area, as well as to the support helpdesk. The software has no built-in time-restriction of any kind.

Are subscription payments recurring?

No. We do not have any recurring payment. A little while before expiration of any of your active subscription, we will email you a reminder, so that you don't loose access to downloads and support, but renewal is entirely up to you. Oh, and there will be a small (well, not that small) discount if you renew before the end of your subscription!

I need an invoice? I want to manage my subscription(s)

You will find invoices for any of your purchases on your user dashboard. They'll be under the Purchases tab, while other elements such as Newsletters management or Update keys are under the Preferences tab.

How can I stay informed of new versions?

New releases of all products are announced on the Releases and security page, with a short note. You can subscribe with RSS to this page. Each release will also be relayed on Twitter, so that's another good reason to follow us there!
If you have an account with us, you will be automatically subscribed to our Releases and security newsletter, which goes out each time a new release is available. You can manage your newsletter subscriptions from your dashboard, accessed from the user menu on the top right corner of every page of this site.
In addition, all our products use the Joomla! built-in one-click updater, so you will also get a notice in the Extensions update area of your site. For our products, this notice include a short description of the changes in the new version and a link to the full changelog.

Do you refund?

Yes we do! Please see all details on the Refund policy page.