Refund policy

Most companies providing open-source software, specifically GPL-licensed in our case, do not refund customers regardless of the possible reasons for such requests. However confident we are in our products, we do acknowledge the fact that sometimes they may not suit your needs, or simply the purchase button has been hit too quickly. We want to remain as open as our products are in the matter, and so we offer a:

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

You can request a refund within 30 days of your purchase at full list price of any new one-year downloadable software subscription purchased on the Site. If you feel you require such a refund (e.g. the order was made by mistake or the product is not suited to your needs), please contact us at , attaching appropriate information about your purchase and your reason to request a refund. We will review your request and proceed with the refund quickly, but we do reserve the right to decline said request for any reason. Your refund will usually be credited back using the same payment processor you used when purchasing, for instance your Paypal account or credit card. Please be sure to perform your refund request within 30 days of your purchase, as we won't refund past that limit.