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High performance YouTube and Vimeo videos

4Video lets you embed on your Joomla sites Youtube and Vimeo videos with ease. Contrary to common video embed methods, it scores perfectly on Google Core Web Vitals speed specification and therefore helps your SEO.

Also add jump points or chapters for your users to navigate directly to specific points into your videos.

And 4Video automatically injects structured data to get your videos into Google.

4Video works the same on Joomla 3, 4 and 5.

4Video as used on weeblr.com to embed a product Getting started video

Video is a prime method today for getting content across to your Joomla site visitors. Whether for entertainment or educational purpose, most content is better served through video or animated content.

With platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, storing videos or bandwith to play them is not a problem anymore. However, embedding these videos into your site might be one.

Most search engines put an emphasis on speed . Google now includes its Core Web Vitals specification (CWV) when ranking pages. Most videos embed methods score poorly at CWV, specifically the CLS value.

4Video was designed for our use here at weeblr.com, specifically to address that performance need. You can see 2 videos embedded using 4Video on 4SEO product page, our search engine optimization flagship product. That page perfoms flawlessly at CLS, even with 2 videos.

Finally, any video longer than a few minutes needs a table of content, or chapters, allowing quick access to specific locations. 4Video has jump points, which you can set and modify fast and easy.

What more? 4Video automatically creates structured data records - including chapters - so that Google can best present your videos in search results.

Real-life Google search console results

Screenshot of Google Search Console Core web vitals improvements after installing 4Video

With 4Video, it's a snap to:

  • Insert as many videos you want on a page, as Joomla modules
  • Multiple instances on same page, mixing Vimeo and Youtube sources
  • Autopause one video if another is played. Across Vimeo/YouTube sources
  • Include inside articles or other locations with Joomla loadmoduleid feature
A view of a simple video embedded on a Joomla site page
A view of a video embedded on a Joomla site page with an active table of content sidebar

Active table of content

Create a table of content sidebar, with clickable chapters to jump to specific points in the video

You only have to enter a title and a timestamp for each entry, 4Video does the rest

Automatic VideoObject structure data

4Videos generates Google-compatible structured data for each of your video, a VideoObject.

If you included a table of content, this structured data record includes an hasPart section listing all chapters. Google can now easily understand your video content fully and make you rank for each section.

A view of valid VideoObject structured data automatically generated by 4Video

4Video is a single Joomla module. It's entirely free and works happily on either Joomla 3 or Joomla 4. Make your Joomla site nicer and a whole lot faster!