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The only Joomla SEO tool you need

4SEO is a modern, integrated Search Engine Optimization solution for Joomla.

It constantly analyzes your site to detect changes, identifies important pages, adds meta and structured data, optimizes for social sharing and builds your sitemap.

4SEO also provides you with tools for every day SEO work: list of broken links, redirections, content replacement, robots.txt...

4SEO is our latest SEO extension. We've been working on it for nearly a year but it's the direct result of 14 years of experience working with Joomla SEO.

It uses the latest technology to provide a best-in-class user experience. Combined with our SEO experience, 4SEO helps you achieve the best possible SEO results.

Our goal: automate every bit of SEO work that can be automated, but let you customize everything with the easiest user interface. This is why many 4SEO features can be accessed directly from the front-end of your site.

Works like Google or Bing

Just like a search engine, 4SEO crawls your site in the background to understand it and collect information about each page.

It figures out automatically multiple URLs to same content, adds rel=canonical links and makes sure duplicates are not listed in sitemap. And detects duplicate page title or description and many other important SEO information.

4SEO admin list of pages with SEO details
4SEO admin panel showing a list of pages failing Google Core Web Vitals speed test

Real Core Web Vitals measurement

Core Web Vitals are the new speed factors Google uses when ranking pages. They are hard to measure because Google uses real visitors to collect them.

4SEO provides you with real and accurate Core Web Vitals values measured on your actual visitors experience. It's the same values Google will use, contrary to all online speed testers. And 4SEO can show you exactly which pages are failing the speed test before Google.

Fast and easy on your server

4SEO is integrated: data is collected only once, in the background. When your page is displayed to visitors, there's minimal work to do for maximum speed. With separate extensions, the same work has to be done multiple times and cause performance hits.

Ready to replace your metadata extension, sitemap extension, structured data extension, social networks sharing extension, redirection extension, content replacer extension (and more) with just one single fast extension?

Screenshot of 4SEO admin edit page for a single item, with metadata and social networks sharing information

Metadata in the admin...

Control and create page title and meta description in one single location.

4SEO shows an accurate, live, Google search results simulation, for both mobile and desktop. Robots tags addition is a single click.

...or on the frontend

Give front-end only access to authors or SEO specialists, and they can adjust meta data and sharing images, visually. They can perform Facebook and Twitter validation in one click.

Screenshot of 4SEO frontend edit page for a single item, with metadata
Screenshot of 4SEO structured data manager, with multiple rules created

Structured data generation (Rich Snippets)

Maybe the most important SEO action you can have on your site in 2021?

4SEO automatically  generates structured data for your content. Search engines will understand your content better. Rich snippets will bring in more traffic.

Create simple rules for structured data types supported by Google. Rules apply from one single page to many URLs, components or categories. Built-in rules let you start without configuration.

Social networks sharing tags

Sharing content on social networks only works if you include specific meta data: OpenGraph and TwitterCards. 4SEO generates them for you automatically.

But what matters really is including the right image. Sharing without an image is not worth much and so 4SEO detects images in your content and pick the best image. You can override that choice either from the admin, or directly on the front end.

View of front end social networks sharing information selector
4SEO sitemap dashboard with sitemap Google submission and last visit date and time

XML sitemap generation

An XML sitemap only matters to SEO when it does NOT have all the pages of your site.

4SEO automatically creates, updates and submits to Google and Bing an SEO-efficient sitemap: canonical URLs are included, duplicates or archived content are excluded. Robots meta tag and robots.txt file are complied with.

4SEO also automatically removes from your sitemap content older than a number of days you define, for the categories you desire.

No plugin needed, all sitemap creation is based on the permanent full site analysis - although plugins indeed can remove more URLs to improve efficiency.

Errors detection

While reading your site content, 4SEO detects broken links and tells you on which pages they appear, so that you can fix them quickly.

But it also records PHP errors so that you are aware of possible bugs that maybe until now only your visitors where seeing. With exact error description, file name and line number, developers can fix things quickly.

List of pages where a specific broken link (404) can be found
Partial view of a redirection setup wizard

Easy redirections

Redirecting one page to another after deleting content or modifying it is typical day-to-day SEO work.

4SEO rule-based operation makes it as easy to redirect just one or hundreds of pages at a time.

No need to fiddle with .htaccess codes. You can use regular expressions if you want to, but our wildcard-based syntax is ultra-simple to work with.

Content replacer

4SEO comes with a fully-featured content replacer. It's also rule-based, meaning you can apply different replacements on different parts of your site.

It's now super easy to replace all instances of a product name with a link to its product page or create a better internal linking scheme. Or just fix a typo in a thousand pages in a few seconds.

Partial view of a content replacement setup wizard, replacing a name with a link to a page
Partial view of an analytics provider setup wizard, showing all available providers

Multiple analytics providers

With support for multiple Analytics providers including Google, Cloudflare, Clarity, Facebook Pixels or Matomo, it's really easy to measure traffic and user behavior on your site, with various degrees of privacy and customizations.

Set up rules to add analytics codes to various parts of your site. Add custom code manually, right from the admin instead of template overrides.

Dive deeper: here is our Getting started video for a full, practical tour:

4SEO runs the same on Joomla 3 and 4. It is available in DutchEnglish, French, Spanish and Turkish. If you want to help translating it to other languages, please open a ticket and we'll get you started at our translation platform.

It is fully documented and the documentation is embedded in 4SEO itself as well.

4SEO can be extended programmatically with a documented set of hooks. Customize or extend it with a few lines of code for advanced processes.

Improve your Joomla SEO