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Search Engine Optimization for Joomla

4SEO is a modern, integrated solution for Joomla SEO.

It constantly analyzes your site to find important pages and add meta data, structured data, build sitemap and much more

4SEO also provides you with tools for every day SEO work: redirections, content replacement, robots.txt...

4SEO is in beta testing

4SEO is currently in public beta. Meaning it's not ready yet for use on normal website but it's stable enough to be used and tested by others. If you want to test and provide feedback on 4SEO, please open a ticket in the dedicated support area here.

Also, 4SEO is already translated, at least partially, to Spanish and French. If you want to help getting it into other languages, please again open a ticket and we'll get you started at our translation platform.

Finally, we have started the 4SEO documentation right there. Just like 4SEO, it's not complete yet, far from that but you may find the Getting started video guide useful, as it's a full tour of all 4SEO functions.

4SEO covers all important SEO areas

  • Page canonicalization
  • Page meta data management
  • Structured data generation
  • Social networks meta tag generation
  • XML Sitemaps generation
  • Errors detection
  • Redirections
  • Content replacement
  • Analytics management