About Weeblr

Weeblr, llc is an entity formed in 2011 to hold and foster sh404SEF (and later wbAMP) development and assets. Since creating this well-known Joomla! extension in the middle of 2006, Weeblr has been developing sh404SEF to this day. First as an entirely volunteer project and then as a business venture. Weeblr, llc handles all aspects of sh404SEF and wbAMP activities: development, sales and support.

From June 2021, a new set of Joomla extensions have been released, including 4SEO, a modern all-in-one SEO extension covering all aspects of modern SEO for Joomla. 

Since early 2016, we are also providing WordPress plugins. All things related to the WordPress plugins are happening at our sister website: WeeblrPress.