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About Yannick Gaultier

Hi, I'm Yannick Gaultier, the developer of a number of open-source projects, most of them dedicated to SEO for common Content Management Systems or browsers. I regularly write articles on this site about SEO, Joomla, WordPress, or related matters. And when possible, I like attending conferences where I sometimes also speak about anything SEO.

Initially trained as a mechanical engineer, I fell into programming early on and never really looked back when given the opportunity to leave a career in a non-IT industry to become a full-time web developer.

All the projects I developed are open-source, usually GPL-licensed, with several being commercial as well.

Here are a few things I am working on or have done:

Open-source SEO projects

Extensions for Joomla

WordPress extensions

WeeblrAMP is a from-scratch implementation of the Accelerated Mobile Pages specification, released from early 2017. Fully-featured, including being the first WordPress plugin to support AMP forms and e-commerce active content, it was discontinued in 2023. 

SEO browser extensions

SEOInfo is a tool for SEOs around the web, available on Chrome and Chromium-based browsers as well as Firefox. It analyzes pages viewed on the fly, providing a wealth of technical and SEO information. In addition, it will also detect errors such as broken links, invalid HRefLang tags, blocked resources, and much more.

It also includes a structured data validator, an AMP validator, and can audit pages using the full Page Speed Insight API. Right from an extension in your browser.  

Other projects

ClearStatus is a Hugo-based status page generator. It generates a fully-featured status page website, including a Disqus-powered commenting system as a static site. It can very easily run on Netlify for free and powers Weeblr status page.

Conference or video talks, blog posts