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About Yannick Gaultier

Hi, I'm Yannick Gaultier, the developer of a number of open-source projects, most of them dedicated to SEO for common Content Management Systems or browsers. I regularly write articles on this site about SEO, Joomla, WordPress or related matters. And when possible, I like attending conferences where I sometimes also speak about anything SEO.

Initially trained as a mechanical engineer, I fall into programming early on and never really looked back when given the opportunity to leave a career in a non-IT industry to become a full-time web developer.

All the projects I developed are open-source, usually GPL-licensed, with several being commercial as well.

Here are a few things I am working on or have done:

Open-source SEO projects

Extensions for Joomla

Extensions for WordPress

weeblrAMP is also a from-scratch implementation of the Accelerated Mobile Pages specification. Compared to other offerings, it's very complete and very customizable, ensuring fully valid AMP content in all cases.

SEO browser extensions

SEOInfo is a tool for SEOs around the web, available on Chrome and Chromium-based browsers as well as Firefox. It analyzes pages viewed on the fly, providing a wealth of technical and SEO information. In addition, it will also detect errors such as broken links, invalid HRefLang tags, blocked resources, and much more.

It also includes a structured data validator, an AMP validator and can audit pages using the full Page Speed Insight API. Right from an extension in your browser.  

Other projects

ClearStatus is a Hugo-based status page generator. It generates a fully-featured status page website, including Disqus-powered commenting system as a static site. It can very easily run on a Netlify for free and powers Weeblr status page.

Conference or video talks, blog posts