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SEO, analytics and security

sh404SEF® makes sure your Joomla! site follows recommended search engines optimization guidelines. From duplicate content management to analytics, and including social networks connector, a really useful 404 error page and more, we handle the tedious work automatically, and provide tools so that you can do the rest!
sh404SEF is available for Joomla 3.

sh404SEF Urls manager
sh404SEF is a Joomla-3 only extension. You can switch from sh404SEF to 4SEF for SEF URLS and 4SEO for an all-in-one Joomla SEO extension, which both run on Joomla 3 and Joomla 4.
4SEF and sh404SEF are now one single-subscription, so if you are an sh404SEF subscriber, you can already download and use 4SEF as well.
sh404SEF is now in discontinued. Please refer to the sh404SEF FAQ section for more details.
Start improving your Joomla 3 site SEO

SEO-oriented URLs

Short and with just enough keywords urls. Sh404SEF creates them automatically for most components out of the box. Duplicate content removed. Manually customize any url on your site.

Meta data management

Manually customize all meta data for all and any page on your site, regardless of the component used. sh404SEF provides a single central, convenient location.

Social SEO

Insert automatically OpenGraph meta data or Twitter cards tags. Customize them per page. Display Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest buttons on all or only some pages. Track clicks on those icons.

Anti-spam and security

Block some common attacks. Prevent flooding (attacks through large number of request per seconds). Keep spam away from your site automatically and at no cost with the Project HoneyPot integration.

Built in analytics

Automatically insert Google Analytics or Google Tag snippet. sh404SEF can use standard or Universal analytics, and optionally anonymize IP address. View reports from inside your site.

404 page: keep those lost visitors

Display an easily customized 404 error page using your normal site template to keep your users. Don't let them go back by automatically showing links to pages on your site similar to their request or automatically redirect them to the best match URL.

Redirects under control

Create redirects or insert canonical link when URLs change. Redirect/canonicalize groups of URLs in one click. Replaces .htaccess complicated rules. sh404SEF auto-creates redirects when you manually customize a URL in the URL manager. Specific and easy redirecting of 404 errors.

Built-in url shortener

Shortened url, but on your own domain, ie: https://weeblr.com/kk. Short link to any URL on the internet. Print them on brochures, flyers, mention them over the phone. On your domain, so really short and users can trust them.
Start improving your Joomla 3 site SEO
"This extension is awesome. I had been wrestling with another SEF extension (paid) for months, and was ready to pull my hair out.
Bought this one, installed it, and worked great. I had a few issues with some duplicated SEF URLs for different pages, but figured it out easily, and fixed it.
Definitely better than any other SEF extension I have tried. "
"Been using for years with great success on many sites and certainly seems to help google rankings. Just needed to raise my first support ticket in a long time and had a quick response which fixed my issue. Highly recommended."
"When we started using this plugin it made things so much smoother. The SEO-friendly links are just beautiful, the 404 redirection is amazing, and we use the generated shortURL's all the time.
Then we found that it has a social share plugin that can be inserted as code into any of your PHP templates, modules, etc.
This is a must-have for every Joomla site! "