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Meta data management

Meta data are pieces of information, not visible from a website visitor, that describe a page content and can be beneficial to your site rankings. Joomla! and some 3rd-party extensions already let you provide some of them in various location. With sh404SEF, you get access to a centralize list of all the pages on your site, and you find and customize any piece of meta data from one convenient location:

 The page title (the title displayed in your browser bar) is generally considered the most important part of on-page SEO factors. It may have a direct influence on search results ranking. The other important element is the description. While it doesn't have any effect on ranking, it still needs a lot of attention, as it may influence the click-through rate, that is how many searchers will click on a search engine result link to get to your site.

sh404SEF lets you conveniently view and modify page title and description for any page on your site. By clicking on one specific URL, you can also get to a more detailed form:

This page let's you specify custom keywords meta data, robots or language tag, on a page by page basis.

Meta data are important to help search engines understand the content of your site pages, and present them to searchers. Another important area of modern SEO is making sure social networks such as Facebook or Twitter can also identify and present your web site content to their own visitors. This is done through specific meta data, as well as "social buttons", and sh404SEF has a whole range of features to help you achieve best results there as well.