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404 page: keep those lost visitors

SEO is about getting visitors viewing your website. Now sometimes, they may come from an outdated link on some blog, or made a mistake while typing a URL. In such case, we certainly want to make any effort to keep them and try provide them with what they were looking for: sh404SEF can display similar URLs or even automatically redirect 404s.

Many times, a Joomla! website 404 error page looks like this:

Not really helpful!

We can improve this process by first showing visitors the full template and menu structure of your site - and the search box if you have one. But sh404SEF will go one step further: we can automatically insert links to pages with an URL similar to the request made by the visitor. This way, we are likely directly offering a link that they will want to click!

That's not all. If some 404 errors are happening often, you may want to automatically redirect visitors to a specific page. sh404SEF lets you choose: either let it automatically redirect to a similar URL, or select which one to redirect to. This a very easy process in the URL manager: