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Built-in url shortener

As mentioned elsewhere, we all want our content to be visible and discovered as much as possible. While keywords-full URLs are best for search engines, on some occasions it is more efficient to use shortened version of links.

For instance when printing brochures, business cards, use in SMS, when talking over the phone and of course while posting on social media, https://weeblr.com/kk is more convenient than the full https://weeblr.com/joomla-seo-analytics-security/sh404sef.

But why use your own URL shortener and not one of the popular online services?

  • Your own domain (weeblr.com/kk vs example.com/usf4455): users know before clicking on a link where they are going. No risk of spam or malware. More clicks.
  • Shorter and more memorable links. Here is the short url bit.ly just created for the same page: bit.ly/1IgeP5P. Not as easy to remember as weeblr.com/kk, right?
  • What if your short URLs provider disappear? all the links to your site disseminated through the web breaks immediately and for ever. It happened before.

With sh404SEF, a short link is called shUrl. It is created automatically for you, and displayed in several places:


But shURLs are not limited to pages on your own site: you can also create short links to any address on the internet: