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Redirects under control

Cool URIs don't change

Properly redirecting pages - when needed - is a major SEO factor, however tedious. Each time a page URL is modified, a proper 301 redirect should be put in place, to tell both visitors and search engines to update their bookmarks. As sh404SEF makes it very easy to change URLs, we're also very concerned about making sure it won't be detrimental to your rankings and we also made it equally easy to setup redirects!

Within sh404SEF, these redirects are called aliases. For instance, on this site, we have created an alias from /sh404sef to the main product page.

sh404SEF lets you create one-to-one redirects, but very simple rules to redirect groups of URLs with just one click!

And you can also setup canonical links instead of actual redirects, exactly in the same way!

The Aliases manager shown below lists and lets you modify all redirects on your site:

Adding or modifying a 301 redirect is simply done by adding it to the appropriate input field:

Note that sh404SEF will automatically create an alias to the previous version of an URL when you manually modify it with the URL manager.