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There are a number of SEO-related settings that you can alter on a per-extension basis. They are grouped under the Extensions tab of sh404SEF configuration, the same tab that we already used to configure SEF URLs construction per extension.

There's a sub-tab for all extensions sh404SEF can handle, or has settings for, and each sub-tab has two sections:

  • URLs creation

    Used to configure how URLs are built for this extension. See this page for more details

  • SEO

    SEO-related setting, mostly aimed at configuring how the page title tag is built.

Joomla! content page title

As sh404SEF will automatically adjust your Joomla! regular content pages (ie based on com_content) page title, the settings on this section let you configure the way the page title is built.

On-page SEO Joomla! content page title settings

Virtuemart content page title

On-page SEO Virtuemart content page title settings

sh404SEF lets you select separetely how to build page titles for products and category pages:

  • Product pages

    The title generated by sh404SEF will always start with the product title, but you may decide which categories (or no category) will be also included (in reverse order from the top)

  • Category pages

    A category page will always start with the category title, but you may decide which, if any, parent categories are also added (in reverse order from the top)

  • For both products and category pages, titles that you may have entered directly into Virtuemart input fields will be used instead of product or categories title
  • Keep your titles short! Less than 45 characters is good, stay below 60 at most. Be aware also that Google in particular may still decide to not use your title as is. They may add or remove words from it, or change it entirely. See the Recommended length for title and description paragraph on next page for more details.