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This part of sh404SEF documentation deals with on-page SEO elements that sh404SEF can alter or allows you to handle. This is a constantly evolving topic, which requires constant updates to follow best-practice. Those best practice are also a moving target, and even not that well defined anyway. When using sh404SEF, please always consider the following:

  • having perfect "on-page" SEO won't push you to the #1 spot in Google SERP.
  • however, not having perfect "on-page" SEO is a serious drawback if you are in a competitive environment.
  • sh404SEF doesn't cover all aspects of "on-page" SEO, only those that make sense for a Joomla! SEO extension. Other elements (microformat tags for instance) are better left to specialized extensions, or to the extensions producing the content (e-commerce, directories).
  • SEO requires continuous work; it's not something you do during or just after your site launch and then consider done.


There are a few global settings that govern sh404SEF behavior with respect to on-page SEO. You'll find them under the SEO tab of configuration. Read more details about SEO configuration by clicking the Next button or following this link.

From version 4.17.0, sh404SEF will add a default value of max-snippet:-1, max-image-preview:large, max-video-preview:-1 for the robots meta tag on all pages, unless a custom value is set by you or another extension.


After reviewing the global SEO settings, the next step is to work on each page meta data. There are 2 ways to do that with sh404SEF: