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OSMap is a popular sitemap generator for Joomla frequently used on sites that run sh404SEF.

As with all sitemap generators, sh404SEF is not involved and does not interfere with the sitemap generation so using it with OSMap or any other sitemap generator will cause no trouble.

OSMap however shows one small glitch: inside your site admin, it shows the full sitemap URL. However it does not do that correctly and provides a sitemap URL that can only work with Joomla SEF.

So basically your sitemap has been generated fine and it works but the address where OSMap tells you to look for it is not fine.

You should use a URL similar to the following to load your sitemap, replacing '' with your own site address:

Such a URL will work under all circumstances.

For a nicer and simpler URL, you can also use sh404SEF to create a custom URL for your sitemap. For instance, click the New button on the SEF URL manager toolbar and enter:

New SEF URL: sitemap.xml
non-SEF URL: index.php?option=com_osmap&view=xml&id=1&format=xml

Save and you can now load your xml sitemap at: