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After setting up an Analytics tracking code, Google will start collecting data about your site visitors, and you can view those stats on Google Web site.

sh404SEF can display synthetic stats on your main control panel:

Control panel analytics result display

In addition, the dedicated Analytics manager displays much more detailed data, and allows you to select date and time range to display:

Analytics manager result display

Displayed data includes:

  • Page views
  • Traffic sources
  • Global stats
  • Page on your site that are viewed most
  • Web sites that send you most traffic


Some configuration is required before sh404SEF can access your Google Analytics data:

Configuration to display analytics reports

Most settings are self-explained, and be sure to check the tooltips provided with each one to get more information. So the only real configuration required is Google authorization.

You must grant sh404SEF an authorization to access your Analytics data. This is a simple procedure, and you only need to do it once:

We also created a short video demonstrating this procedure. Find it here.

  1. Click on the Authorization required! Click to start button

  2. The display will change slightly, and a new window will open, prompting you to login to your Google account:

    You must use here the same Google account you used to create your Google Analytics account.

    Prompt to login to Google account

  3. After entering username and password, you'll be prompted for an authorization:

    Grant sh404SEF access to your Analytics data

  4. A long authorization code will then be displayed: copy it, we're going to paste it at next step

    Copy Google authorization code

  5. Paste this code into the Google authorization input field displayed in sh404SEF configuration:

    Paste authorization code into sh404SEF configuration

  6. Use the Save & Close button to save sh404SEF configuration.

    Done! When you save configuration, you'll be taken back to the control panel, and if authentication and authorization succeeded, you'll see the Google Analytics reports display, similar to:

    Control panel analytics result display

In case you used the wrong Google account, you can always open again the analytics configuration page and Renew authorization. This will restart the same authorization procedure with Google. Clear Google authorization token in case of problem

You can use the Clear authorization button to prevent sh404SEF to access your analytics data in the future. Use this if you don't want your site users to view stats any longer.