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If enabled using the settings under the Data recording tab of sh404SEF configuration, sh404SEF will record where on your site a SEF URL has been found and created. This may help troubleshoot situations where URLs are not created to your liking.

After enabling the setting, you can click on the + button in the Source column of the URL Manager to get details about how a given URL was constructed. The popup will look like this:

sh404SEF URL construction details

We can see that our sample URL, /display-modules/custom-html-module, exists on multiple pages of our site: the home page (/), the /joomla/samples-sites and /park-site/australian-parks pages.

Please note that the information displayed is valid at the moment you display it. The same URL may be found on other pages that have not been displayed since you enabled "URL source" recording for instance.

As an additional assistance, duplicates of the same URL are also listed. Here we can see that Joomla! created another non-sef that ended up as the same SEF URL:

  • the duplicate is index.php?option=com_content&Itemid=418&id=12&view=article
  • it was created by Joomla! on the /display-modules/custom-html-module page itself.

With this information, you may be able to fix some links if too many duplicates are generated for instance.