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1 - Enable Joomla! SEF URLs

sh404SEF extends Joomla! default SEF URLs system, so the first step is simply to enable Joomla! SEF URLs, and have them working properly before you attempt to switch sh404SEF on.

Enabling SEF URLs involves:

  • setting up your web server
  • activating SEF URLs in Joomla! configuration
  • selecting whether your server uses URL rewriting

This process is very well documented on this Joomla! documentation site page.

2 - Optional: add a suffix

Joomla! standard SEF URLs system allows you to append a suffix to your site URLs. The suffix is html, and cannot be modified. This option is disabled by default, but you may enable it to preserve compatibility with existing URLs for instance. To enable the Add suffix option, follow: System > Global configuration, enable and save:

Enable Joomla! SEF URLs html suffix

If you enable adding a suffix in Joomla! SEF configuration, you should do the same in sh404SEF configuration. We'll see that on next page in that guide.