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The configuration option discussed below are global options, that will affect sh404SEF behavior on all pages of the site. This page will show you what you can do on a per URL basis.

As usual, the tooltips next to each setting will provide the most comprehensive and up to date information about its options and consequences. Please read them :)

SEO management

Here is the main SEO configuration view:

Image of the on-page SEO configuration panel of sh404SEF


  • Activate SEO management: this setting is a global on/off switch. Setting it to No will stop sh404SEF from modifying the page content. It can be useful for testing for instance.

Structured data

This section manages the generation of Structured data. This is now such an imporant part of SEO that we have dedicated a full page to it, on next page.

Page title

Image of the on-page SEO page title configuation


  • Page title separator: this character is used only when sh404SEF builds the page title itself (basically for Joomla! com_content) and the title has multiple parts. In such instances, the character entered here will be used to separate the various parts. For instance, for a typical Joomla! article, the page title will be built as:
My article title | the article category
  • Insert before page title and Append to page title: the text entered here will be inserted before (resp. appended to) the page title. Many times you'll use this to append the name of your company or site to the page title. Note that this will happen on all pages of the site except the home page.