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sh404SEF is a Joomla-3 only extension. It will be/has been discontinued on August 17, 2023.

You can switch from sh404SEF to 4SEF for SEF URLS and 4SEO for an all-in-one Joomla SEO extension, which both run on Joomla 3 and Joomla 4.

Please refer to the sh404SEF FAQ page for more details.

First, be sure you have read this overview and understand the principles upon which sh404SEF operates. After you have installed it, there are only a handful of things you have to look at to get started. sh404SEF will run with its default settings, which will be fine for most sites.

After installation

Just after installation, most sh404SEF features are disabled. Activating it will make the following minimum features set active:

  • SEF URLs optimization: takes over Joomla! SEF URLs generation
  • SEO optimization: perfoms various change on each page content, for better SEO results
  • Security layer: filters out potentially dangerous requests to your site

Step 1: Configure Joomla!

Your web server and Joomla itself must be configured to accept SEF URLs. This configuration is described on the next page: Configure Joomla!.

Once SEF URLs are working on your site, you can enable sh404SEF URL optimization.

Step 2: Enable sh404SEF

The final step if basically to enable sh404SEF. This is described on this page.

Going further

To adjust SEF URLs to your liking or the requirements of your site, to setup social sharing buttons, Google Analytics, and many other features that are not enabled by default, you should read the Going further guide that covers those more advanced function. Most of them can be enabled/adjusted through the Configuration button found in the toolbar of each sh404SEF backend page.