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Some of Eorisis plugins have an issue which will cause RSS feeds to not work anymore. The symptom is that when trying to view the RSS feed page, which should be an XML file, you are instead shown a regular html page, usually your home page.

This comes from a known programming issue found in those plugins (and in many others!)

This behavior has been experienced with:

  • eosiris jQuery plugin - version 1.3.9 - August 2015
  • eosiris Google Analytics plugin - version 1.3.3 - August 2015

The problem can be temporarily solved by unpublishing the plugins if possible. If not, a fix can be applied as follow:

  • open the /plugins/system/eorisis_jquery/eorisis_jquery.php (resp: /plugins/system/eorisis_google_analytics/eorisis_google_analytics.php) file using FTP for instance
  • locate the line:
function onAfterInitialise()
  • replace it with:
public function onAfterRoute()
  • save the file