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sh404SEF lets you open/restrict access to various pages of the backend using Joomla! standard ACL feature.

Basically, you can allow/restrict access to each of the individual pages that makes up sh404SEF in the backend, plus control access to the component configuration.

We do not recommend opening up access to sh404SEF configuration to users unfamiliar with Joomla! and sh404SEF inner working. However, allowing regular site maintainer to directly view,for instance, Analytics data can prove very handy.

Available actions

The following actions are possible within sh404SEF, and can be allocated to one or more user groups:

  • Access Administration Interface
  • Manage configuration
  • Manage URLs
  • Manage aliases
  • Manage shUrls
  • Manage metas
  • View analytics

To be able to access of one of the sh404SEF page, a user must be granted both the Access Administration interface and the corresponding action permission. This is a Joomla! requirement: if user doesn't have the Access Administration Interface permission, Joomla! will not show the sh404SEF menu item in the Components menu.

Access configuration

Granting/denying access is done through the sh404SEF main configuration popup window, under the Permissions tab:

ACL configuration for sh404SEF

Due to a bug in sh404SEF before version 4.6.x, ACL were incorrectly set to Denied. If you setup some ACL with sh404SEF prior to version 4.7, you will have to reset parent groups permissions to Inherited so that a group permissions are properly taken into account by Joomla!