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As of September 1st, 2022, wbAMP is discontinued. The AMP technology is on its way out and most users are progressively phasing it out, while Google itself no longer requires it for SERP features such as Top Stories or News carousels. The extension will be in security mode only, meaning only security issues will be fixed going forward, for existing subscribers. It is no longer possible to purchase or renew wbAMP subscription.

First, be sure you have read this overview and understand the principles upon which wbAMP operates. After you have installed it, there are only a handful of things you have to look at to get started.

After installation

Just after installation, the wbAMP system plugin is enabled, but the plugin itself has no effect on your site: you first need to add some rules to let it know which pages should have AMP versions.

wbAMP has a Development mode, that lets you setup AMP on your site, but does not tell Google you have AMP pages. Once your AMP pages are fully tested and valid, you can switch to Normal mode, and let Google discover your AMP pages. Just don't forget to enable Normal mode after testing!

Step 1: Configure Joomla!

As a reminder, wbAMP requires that SEF URLs are enabled and working on your site, whether using the native Joomla SEF system, or sh404SEF. Once SEF URLs are working on your site, you can move forward with wbAMP.

Step 2: Configure wbAMP

You can access wbAMP parameters through the Joomla! plugins manager. Search for the wbAMP system plugin and open it. This initial setup is presented with more details on this page.

You must verify that your pages are valid AMP before letting search engine crawl and index them.

Google provides tools to test your page and find any error. Their usage is described on this page. Use them, because invalid pages will simply not be indexed.

We have created a Firefox, Chrome and Brave browser extension called SEOInfo that you can use to instantly validate your AMP pages - both AMP and structured data. It can actually do a lot more things in terms of SEO. And is totally free. Get it here for Chrome/Brave and there for Firefox.