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In most cases, wbAMP (or Joomla, or sh404SEF) already lets you decide or set global page information such as the author of a piece of content, or a representative image of the page, but not always. The image specifically is mandatory for any AMP page if it is to appear on the AMP Carousel or Top Stories aread in Google search results, and so wbAMP has a mechanism to let you specify the desired image or author, right from the content.

You do this by adding a meta tag in your content, from your WYSIWYG editor for instance. The tag will look like this:

{wbamp-meta name="meta_tag_name" param1="xxxx" param2="yyyy" ...}

You can use the wbAMP editor plugin to insert most of the tags described on this page. More details on this page.

The list of possible meta tags is as follow:

Date Published and Date Modified

wbAMP may be able to figure out the publication and modification date of your content. It will do so for Joomla articles and K2 items. You can however insert tags to set those dates, whether to override com_content or K2 values, or provide dates for other types of content. The syntax is as follow:

{wbamp-meta name="date_published" content="2016-03-11"}
{wbamp-meta name="date_modified" content="2016-03-11"}

You can have alternative syntax for the date and time. We will use the timezone currently set in your Joomla configuration to compute the time, but you can also set a time offset ((see examples below)).

{wbamp-meta name="date_published" content="2016-03-11 01:02:03"}
{wbamp-meta name="date_modified" content="2016-03-11 01:02:03+04:00"}

Document type

Accelerated Mobiles Pages should be marked with a @type element. Most often, this is either NewsArticle or BlogPosting. wbAMP lets you select the default value for all your pages, but you may select a specific type on a page by page basis, using:

{wbamp-meta name="doc_type" content="NewsArticle"}


{wbamp-meta name="doc_type" content="BlogPosting"}

AMP allows various document types, at the moment they should derive from the Article type, described on this page of the website.


As usual with images, you should specify width and height. If you don't, and the image is on your own server, wbAMP will try to read it and determine the width and height automatically. This is not possible however, for images on a CDN or another server.

{wbamp-meta name="image" url="" height="750" width="1300"}

This image must follow those rules:

  • image must be part of the page, ie you cannot use a generic one for several items.
  • image must be jpg, png or gif
  • URL can be either absolute (ie start with a full domain such as or relative (ie start without even a slash: images/mypage-image.jpg)
  • if the image is not on your server, you must provide width and height
  • image must be at least 1200px wide
  • image must have at least 800,000 pixels


{wbamp-meta name="author" content="Yannick Gaultier" type="Person"}

Note: The author "type" can also be an Organization.


A special tag can be used to entirely disable ads on a page. This tag takes priority over any other settings, or even custom ads tags. The syntax is:

{wbamp-meta name="no_ads"}

NB: For pages where you want to disable ads, but cannot access the content directly, you can add a CSS class to the corresponding menu item.