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This section covers two features of wbAMP:

Process embed tags

If set to yes, wbAMP, when rendering an Accelerated Mobile Pages page, wbAMP will interpret some tags that you can insert in your regular pages to say that you want to display a specific element. The list of tags available, and more details on the process, is on this page.

Please note that those tags will be removed automatically from the displayed content when the regular version of a page is displayed.

This is a neat feature of wbAMP: if your page has a link to some content we know (see list below), that link can be transformed so that the actual content is displayed in the Accelerated Mobile Pages version of a page. You only need to set Auto embed known links to Yes for this to happen. Here is the list of links we recognize at the moment, assuming the standard links are used of course:

  • Dailymotion video
  • Facebook post
  • Facebook video
  • Instagram image
  • Tweet
  • Vine video