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As of September 1st, 2022, wbAMP is discontinued. The AMP technology is on its way out and most users are progressively phasing it out, while Google itself no longer requires it for SERP features such as Top Stories or News carousels. The extension will be in security mode only, meaning only security issues will be fixed going forward, for existing subscribers. It is no longer possible to purchase or renew wbAMP subscription.

2020-12-02 12:52build 847

2020-12-02Version 1.16.0

newAdded a filter to enable/disable standalone mode on a page by page basis
chgUpdated shLib library for PHP 8 compatibility
chgEnforcing strict PHP 5.6 minimal version. Won't install with a lower PHP version
chgStrict minimal Joomla version is now 3.9.0
bugsh404SEF connector wrongly setting the title using the description meta
bugInstalling back Community version over full version prevents future one-click updates as wbAMP still tries to install full version.

2019-12-19Version 1.15.0

newNow using a single update key: easier, compatible with Joomla 4 keys manager and services such as Watchfuli
chgAdded variant field to manifest in order to support Watchful centralized updates
chgAdded manifest tags for update key, in preparation for Joomla 4

2019-09-30Version 1.14.0

newNow adding a robots meta tag for all pages to comply with new Google/EU opt-in requirements to fully appear in search results
chgDisplay a warning when i-amphtml classes are used in custom CSS, this is not allowed by AMP specification. - closes #143
chgNow allowing password and file input types on AMP forms, per AMP specification.
chgAdded ugc and sponsored to the list of allowed rel attributes
chgAccount for some extensions using query strings as part of images extensions to build proper structured data AMP image
chgRemoved direct support Amazon ads, should now be created as custom ads
chgAdded support for AdSense auto format and full width attributes
bugIn standalone mode, an Fatal error can happen if sh404SEF is not running on the site.
bugWhen publishing multiple modules to the same module position, they all share the same title
bugUpdate site is not removed when upgrading from Community version to standard version, may cause reverting to Community later on

2019-04-02Version 1.13.0

newRemoved all support for Google+
newAllow Bing cache origin when submitting forms
chgNow enforcing and cleaning attributes on amp-carousel elements created by user
chgAutoplay attribute in AMP carousel shortcode can now accept a number - used as the number of loops before the autoplay stops
chgRead robots meta tag set in Joomla, not just those set with sh404SEF
chgNow allowing any attribute on the path html element, used in svg images
chgAdded z-index to hamburger menu in case users add a large header image in a module

2018-08-20Version 1.12.1

newAdded filters on the AMP specification definition, to let anyone customize AMP rules.
chgUpdated amp-mustache script to 0.2
chgHR tags are not auto-closed
bug2 missing language strings in the editor plugin - close #150

2018-05-16Version 1.12.0

newAdded basic Hikashop support.
newContact form can now perform an real redirect after form submission instead of displaying a 'Next' button
chgProtect against PHP issue when content has javascript inlined that contains HTML content. Sometimes some of the Javascript/HTML content remains on the AMP page.
chgPage images are now required to be on the page itself, 1200px in widht and 800,000 pixels minimum. Removed Fallback image feature.
chgWhite list all amp-* elements to allow for more advanced custom usage of new AMP elements.
chgUpdated translations for German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian
chgDisallow p, div and span as direct children of an amp-accordion
chgAllow json+ld script in page body
chgAdded support for srcset (responsive images) to route helper
chgPrevent fatal error when using J! 3.6.5 or earlier.
bugModules in AMP-specific positions may be incorrectly rendered if several modules have the exact same title but are published in different positions.
bugSelected category may not be AMPlified if in category/categories views.
bugLayout query variable may be overriden under some circumstances
bugCanonical URL may have a double-trailing slash on home page, if AMP
bugContent plugins set to be disabled are also disabled on non-AMP pages
bugEditor plugin javascript can interfere with other plugins

2017-09-26Version 1.11.0

newAdded support for AMP Analytics Client ID API
newAdded meta tag and CSS class to disable ads display selectively per page
chgRemoved all content selection rules based on task variable
chgAll filters are now available also in Community edition
chgNow adding description field to json-ld meta data
chgCSS to prevent pre HTML elements to be wider than page, without scrollbars
chgAllow the expanded attribute on section, needed by amp-accordion
bugNot AMPlifying links marked with wbamp-link class when menu is in one of the custom AMP modules positions
bugWhen selecting views per component, some selections are lost after saving settings
bugCaptcha verification needs to be disabled, or else com_contact fails to accept contact form
bugAMP validation errors if contact details are displayed on the Joomla contact form

2017-08-02Version 1.10.1

bugCannot select view per component, except for com_content, when installing wbAMP for the first time
bugFatal error when upgrading community version to 1.10.0

2017-08-01Version 1.10.0

newAdded wbamp-top and wbamp-bottom modules positions: can now simply include modules on AMP pages
newAdded a filter on whether current request should be amplified or not.
newAdded wbamp_on_content_prepare filter
chgCenter page counter on pagination block
chgMove disabling of content plugins to onAfterRoute, better compatibility
chgContent max width set in Taylor theme is now used to resize images as well. Also, added a filter for this value.
chgWhen AMP is forced on mobiles, still comply with user set page exclusions or display a 404
bugPossible warning on AMP validation when using User notification.
bugViews from some components cannot be displayed and selected - thanks Marcin@DJ-Classifieds
bugUnable to select multiple views for a component
bugDoubleClick ads not displayed when inserted through a tag/shortcode in content
bugPHP warnings if Any Category or Any Itemid is selected in parameters.
bugPossible fatal error when reading a jpg remote file dimensions

2017-06-06Version 1.9.2

bugK2 views cannot be selected using the new interface


bugDefault template might be selected, regardless of template assignment


newCompletely rewritten page selection, much simpler and much more powerful
newForce mobile on AMP: allow select phone and/or tablets
newAdded support Joomla Contact Us component - closes #132
newAdded an AMP-for-mobile mode: all mobile visitors are shown the AMP version of a page - close #85
newAdded ability to read remote image dimensions, manually adding dimensions no longer required
chgAdded a filter to override 'Force AMP on mobile'
chgNow handling cases where a custom layout is used for a menu item (was causing normal template to be used on AMP pages, instead of wbAMP template)
chgWorkaround for Joomla issue 15805: poorly laid out article author and date
bugNotice error caused by ads display on 404 AMP errors page
bugMenu is not displayed on 404 AMP error pages
bugFallback and placeholder in ads tags are not displayed - close #141
bugUseless display from Disqus plugin are not removed from AMP pages (View comments,...)

2017-05-02Version 1.8.0

newAdded support for Disqus commenting on AMP pages - closes #113
chgBetter escaping of json-ld during AMP conversion, now accepts URls with ampersands
chgSimplified selection of pages to AMPlifiy - closes #130
chgNow using generic "WebPage" item type on all pages except singular (com_content article, K2 item) - closes #129
bugBorder attribute on table element can only have a value of 0 or 1
bugAlso remove "Blog" itemtype attributes on categories pages, invalid on AMP - closes #128
bugIncorrect processing of AMP URLS when site is installed in a folder, some parts of the URL may be missing

2017-02-24Version 1.7.0

newDisable content and system plugins from wbAMP settings
chgamp-video tags now require a separate script file (was built-in until mid-january)
chgPrevent Artio SEF to execute AMP URL parsing multiple times
chgUpdated Google Tag Manager AMP snippet to latest version
chglink elements are allowed to lack a rel attribute
chgDo not remove links with empty href attributes, instead replace the href with #0
bugPage selection: don't stop on first rule that fails for a given component, there might be more rules set
bugIncorrect rel=amphtml link for URLs with query strings
bugRules number 3 and more are not taken into account
bugFatal error, call to a member function set(), when viewing some extensions AMP pages
bugLinks are removed if they are created with will non-sef syntax: &id=2:article-name, as the : is seen as a (invalid) protocol - closes #121
bugInvalid controls attribute on amp-video tag

2016-10-31Version 1.6.0

newAdded support for Google Tag Manager
newImplemented white list protocol filtering
chgNow removing meta tag if they have the charset attribute
chgNo they can't.
chgButtons can have an href attibute
chgImproved sanitization of tags dimensions: filter ouy anything but integers and px as width/height dimensions
chgImproved handling of href values, including empty ones and using void(0)
chgBetter layout and colors for ads
chgNow removing voting on content, J! output is not valid structured data, thus beaking amp SD validation
chgNow allowing the meta html tag (but remove the http-equiv attribute
chgNow removing entirely link tags when they miss a rel attribute
bugAll ads embedded with an embed tag get the same HTML id
bugNotice error if user created a meta data image tag, but didn't supply any URL
bugArticle content can be empty on community version
bugIncorrect height value when displaying an auto-displaying an embedded Facebook post

2016-08-25Version 1.5.0

newAdded support for Analytics event tracking (click, scroll) - closes #68
newAdded support for right-side sliding menu - closes #95
newAdded page cleanup feature: remove elements on AMP page based on CSS classes or CSS id - closes #96
newAdded support for inserting tags in content to display multiple ads and network - closes #97
newAdded connector to obtain Structured data from sh404SEF
chgNow truncating structured data headline field to its maximum, 100 characters
chgDo not escape slashes in json-ld output
chgNow also reading image size for images with protocol-relative links (eg //path/to/ - close #103
chgJoomla 3.6.1 now using popover instead of tooltips in backend. Adjusted our custom tips - closes #101
chgIf no dataModified exists, use datePublished instead. Workaround bug in Google Structured Data validator

2016-07-19Version 1.4.2

bugSome Joomla pagination links may not be AMPlified, even if set to in config

2016-07-19Version 1.4.1

chgAdded support for wbAMP themes one-click update

2016-07-19Version 1.4.0

newAdded styling and handling of category blog pagination - closes #83
newNow handling multi-page article pager (prev-next)
newOption to set regular expressions for AMP page cleanup. Comes with defaults for Regularlabs Sourcerer, Slider, Tabs,Modals, Modules Anywhere,Snippets, Tips, RSForm, Chronoforms, WidgetKit, Simple Image Gallery, PhocaGallery - closes #93
newNow also handling multipage article pagination - closes #91
newNow loading amp-ad javascript, changed in AMP specification - closes #89
newNow disabling PageSpeed on AMP page (with header) - closes #90
newImplemented amp-sidebar component, replaces built-in CSS menu - closes #86
chgAdded support for RTL documents
chgIn case of missing update keys, now redirecting back to update page with a clear message.
bugHeader image may be cropped if larger than document size - fixes #88
bugIncorrect double / at the end of canonical link on AMP category pages


bugAMP page for URLs ending with a trailing slash give a 404


newAdded connector to sh404SEF 404 error page with similar URLs, when in standalone mode
newAdded error page display when running in standalone mode
newNow adding shortlink information to page, obtained from sh404SEF when present
newAdded a standalone mode: creates a site that is fully AMPlified, with no regular HTML counterpart - closes #47
newAdded a development mode, to setup AMP before letting Google know - closes #74
newAdded a system check for presence of publisher name and logo URL - closes #71
newAdded theme selector
newAdded ability to use color and layouts themes for the AMP output
newAdded API to collect alternate layouts for rendering the page
newAdded mobile-style, hamburger icon and sliding-in menu - closes #79
chgAlso make sure page title and description are collected from sh404SEF, available
chgAdded support for sh404SEF robots tag
chgNow disabling Joomla caching on AMP pages, to be sure our template overrides are used
chgRestored user ability to zoom - closes #76
chgUpdated default theme CSS, vertical centering in header and footer
bugemailcloak=off not removed under some circumstances, on community edition
bugCorrect ordering of wbAMP, shLib and sh404SEF not always forced by installation script
bugInvalid dateModified date created if no modification date exist in Joomla! content
bug404 on AMP URLS with right-to-left languages aliases, or URL encoded content
bugrel=amphtml are absolute but not fully qualified - closes #73


newNow disabling NewRelic agent if detected on the server, as it breaks AMP validation by inserting scrip tags in page - closes #70
newNew design for tooltips, now permanently displayed instead of having to hover a setting label
newAdded custom ads network handling, so that you can use any AMP-approved ads network - closes #64
newAdded an editor plugin, to easily enter AMP tags in any Joomla content - closes #54
newAdded templates overrides for some com_tags output, as Joomla output is not valid AMP - closes #63
newAdd email and mailto links protection in AMP pages - Closes #5
newAdded a fallback image setting, used when no other image has been set or found in an AMP page.
newAdded date_modified and date_published custom meta tags, to allow manually setting those dates. Closes #49
newAdded configuration checks to display most common issues preventing AMP validation in the plugins settings - closes #51
chgRemove CDATA in some script tags, as amp-analytics and amp-social-share (incorrectly) don't accept them
chgNow removing some tag based on whether their parent is on a white/black list
chgNow also removing html elements when they don't have a require attribute
chgNow allowing application/json scripts, to account for manually created content - closes #69
chgMore system checks: custom css - closes #65
chgRemove useless #13 characters added at some end of lines by PHP
chgUpdated per tag valid attributes rules per latest AMP spec. Same for amp-* tags list
chgUpdated valid list of rel attributes with current AMP spec
chgUpdated Spanish, German and Dutch translations
chgStricter validation, now enforcing no itemtype attribute on article, section and aside HTML tags - closes #53
chgNow forcing wbAMP system plugin ordering to -99, so as to be before any other template plugins that may highjack the site template otherwise

tags created by PHP, causing double lines when displayed in browsers, with
- fixes #62
bugDo not prepend base URL on tel: and other links
bugDo not prepend base URL on mailto links
bugScript tag not always removed - Closes #56
bugShould not use JSON_PRETTY_PRINT on PHP 5.3, causes AMP validation error
bugNot fixing plugins ordering at installation if plugins have the same ordering
bugPublisher logo are not made absolute if entered as relative


bugPackaging error in Community version, com_content plugin is not installed


newFull Romanian translation, partial Dutch translation
newAdded option to select default document type, NewsArticle or BlogPosting, and custom meta tag to override the default - closes #40
newCan set a tag in content to change document type, for instance "BlogPosting" instead of default "NewsArticle"
newAdded an "All categories" option in com_content categories selection parameter. Closes #20
newUniform syntax for showing/hiding content on AMP pages: wbamp-hide/wbamp-show - closes #30
newAdded a Joomla template to override the overrides in your template - Includes default styling for Joomla content
newAdded Portuguese translation
newGeneralize automatically finding size of images if not specified by user - closes #31
newAdded a simple API for other extensions to get info about AMP status and request - closes #28
chgPrev/Next buttons may overlap at low width when the display title - closes #41
chgClear up Article itemtype markup created by Joomla, would cause validation error in Google Structured Data test tool
chgBR tag not cleaned for invalid attribute. Expanded attributes white list in accordance to amphtml project rules - closes #42
chgImproved CSS for prev/next buttons on articles and pagination
chgAMP URL should have a trailing slash if original URL has it - closes #39
chgNow styling Joomla readmore button. Closes #38
chgUpdated CSS for logo and header text
chgItalian translation now complete
chgAdd nocache headers if not explicitly set to cache pages. May help bypass CDN inserting content in page, breaking AMP validation - closes #25
bugName attribute used twice in wbam-meta definition for an author. Changed to "content"
bugMissing implementation of set_url_scheme function, cause fatal error when content has an iframe and scheme is not set
bugRss feeds are not cleaned of custom wbamp tags - closes #23


newAdded Italian and Portuguese (partial) translations, updated existing ones
newAdded amp-user-notification - Closes #12
newAdded support for amp-dailymotion tag (Dailymotion video) - Closes #8
newAdded ability to use a custom html module as site header
Closes #3
newAdded new tag, {wbam-no-scrub}, prevents removal of wbamp tags (useful to display documentation on wbAMP!)
chgAdded labels on disabled fields in community edition on - closes #21
chgUpdated Vine support - closes #19
chgAdded whitelist-based attribute filtering - closes #17
chgImplemented whitelist based filtering, on top of blacklist, more reliable for validation - closes #14
chgUpdated French, German and Russian translations
chgChanged default width/height of youtube videos, to 16:9
chgAdded rules to remove plusone and g:plusone tags in content, in case there some hardcoded directly in content
chgPrevent execution of some methods in admin
chgOptimization: don't scrub tags from documents if not html
bugTypo in link to wbAMP page on community edition
bugAdded raw filters to custom css, custom links, user notification, allow raw input to the page
bugFix CSS when adding an image header
Fixes #7
bugFix CSS when adding an image header
Fixes #7


newAdded full French translation, partial German and Russian
chgSome minor name changes to accomodate JED requirements
bugHide content tags don't work on AMP pages


newAdded support for K2 content items
chgAdded files for translations (no translation yet - BG,DE,ES,FR,NL,RO,RU,SV)
chgImproved K2 category handling, now can extract it from item id
chgNow using default Weeblr theme in backend
chgRefactored auto-embedding of URL, more reliabel with fancy URLs
chgAdded test for sh404SEF presence in SEF test and message
chgNow also postprocessing module used to create carousel content
chgUpdated to latest boilerplate code
chgNow using the first image found in content to represent the page, if none set by user or otherwise
chgMove init code to system plugin constructor, needed for wbAmp compat
bugShould not remove wbamp-embed tags on non-amp pages
bugNot always removing wbamp-meta tags
bugMake sure user created footer module is AMP-compliant