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Just like for navigation menu, you can choose to add a footer to your Accelerated Mobile Pages. There are 2 ways to achieve this:

Custom module

wbAMP Footer module selction

Create a custom HTML module in Joomla, and select it as a Footer module. You can directly create AMP-compliant markup in that footer, or just regular HTML. wbAMP will process it anyway and turn HTML tags intor their AMP equivalent as needed.

Template override

You can override the wbamp.footer JLayout in your template,using the original one as a model. The wbAMP JLayout is located in /plugins/system/wbamp/layouts/wbamp/footer.php

Here is what the default footer looks like:

wbAMP Footer module sample

As a bonus, you can use the following tag anywhere in your footer module, and it will be replaced with the current 4-digit year: