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wbAMP Custom styles settings

Custom styles

As the Accelerated Mobile Pages specification requires that all CSS is included in the page (no external CSS file linked), you can enter here some custom CSS to modify the way the AMP version of your page looks like.

That CSS will be inserted as is into an <amp-custom> tag in your AMP page. Here is a (partial) view of the custom styles we use on

<style amp-custom>
    .wbamp-container {
        max-width: 479px;
</style amp-custom>    

For more customization, you can always override the appropriate JLayout in your template, using the original one as a model.

The JLayout to use is and is located in /plugins/system/wbamp/layouts/wbamp/style.php

This input can be used to enter links, that should be output into the <head> section of the AMP document.

Be sure to use the AMP validator after using those settings. We take the raw input from you and directly insert it in the page, so it's really easy to create bad markup.