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wbAMP advanced settings


Protect email addresses

Joomla! has a very useful plugin which automatically mangle (using javascript) any email address you display on the pages of your site. This is done in a way allowing regular visitors to view and use those addresses without realizing any encoding happened.

However, email harvesting robots - usually trying to collect email address to later send spam to them - have a very hard time figuring this out and cannot extract your email from the page, hopefully reducing the amount of spam you receive.

It is not possible to use javascript on AMP pages at the moment, so we have added to wbAMP a feature which also encode the email addresses on your pages in a way that users won't notice, but robots will have a harder time to find and collect them. No such protection is 100% safe, but we are confident the encoding we use will make life harder for bots, and should be efficient in many cases.

  • encoding will only happen on AMP pages, regardless of whether you have enabled or not Joomla default email cloak plugin
  • you can disable it globally only, in case you don't need it (no email displayed on your site) or if you have another solution you'd rather use