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Josetta has been discontinued as of January 20, 2017. It is not developed any longer, and unsupported. This documentation is left available as a reference for past users.

You can access the Josetta translation page on the front end of your site in multiple ways:

Publish the Josetta menu

During installation, Josetta added a menu aptly named Josetta. You can create a menu module and publish it on your site, using standard Joomla! methods. When a translator clicks on the Josetta translation manager menu item, they'll be prompted to login - if not already logged in, before they can access Josetta.

Optionally, you can set the access level for the Josetta translation manager menu item to Josetta: when you do that, the menu item itself will only become visible to users already logged-in and members of a Josetta user groups. As a consequence, you must provide somewhere on your site a login module, or a way to login.

Instruct translators to directly visit Josetta page

The Josetta translation start page be accessed on your site by visiting the following URL:


Any user typing this URL (substitute with your domain) in their browser address bar will first be prompted to login - if not already logged-in, and then presented with the translation page.

You can use a URL shortener (, to create a short link for this URL.

If you use SEF URLs, especially with sh404SEF, you'll get a nice URL such as http(s):// With sh404SEF, you can customize or shorten it as you see fit.

The Josetta start page

A translator will then be presented with the Josetta start page, similar to this:

The Josetta start page

We'll see on next page how to select items to translate and translate them.