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Josetta has been discontinued as of January 20, 2017. It is not developed any longer, and unsupported. This documentation is left available as a reference for past users.

When translating content with Josetta, you can use the Suggest button, next to every input field, to have Josetta connect to an online machine-translation service and retrieve a translated version of the source text.

This process is very efficient, especially when the source text contains tables or other visual formatting that a translator would have otherwise to recreate manually. Fixing the machine-suggested translation is usually faster than typing and formatting again the complete translation. Obviously, this will vary a lot with the language pairs you deal with, the type of text and how much formatting is found in the source text.

To enable this feature, you only need to:

Once those steps done, the Suggest button shown next to most translatable fields will become enabled and available for use.