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2016-07-18 18:11build 743

2016-07-18Version 2.4.4

bugInvalid statement in sql install file

2015-12-23Version 2.4.3

chgAdded more checks on shared resource installer such as shLib
chgRemoved modal window css fix, not needed any longer in currently supported Joomla versions.
bugCannot upload Joomfish export in Joomla 3.4.5+
bugFatal error while importing a category


bugFatal error after last update if PHP 5.4 or less


chgAdded workaround, make sure our code don't break when Joomla issue is fixed in next version (PR7263)
bugPackaged wrong version of editor code in previous release


newAdded a filter on main translator view: archived, published or unpublished status
Closes #52
newNow hiding "Home" menu items, should not have associations created for them
chgUpdated editors code in J! 3.4.3. Added workaround for Joomla! not handling multiple editors on same page
chgUpdated deletion of joomfish data import of categories to handle J! 4.3+ associations
chgUpdated documentation links on post-installation page and control panel
chgUpdated German translation - thanks Beate!
bugFatal error when displaying message after removing some imported data
bugK2 category ID is displayed instead of category title when editing a K2 item


chgUpdated all language files


newAdded K2 categories menu items translation
newBuilt in K2 item, category and menu items support
chgDutch language file update
chgAdjusted to changes in J! 3 categories module
chgRemoved warning on control panel: sh404SEF now works with
LanguageFilter system plugin enabled, as required by Joomla!
multilingual setup
chgMoved to using only JInput instead of JRequest, fix issue with
Joomla 3.x
bugFailure in Bing machine translation call
bugAssociations are not passed to Joomla! model when saving a category
translation, will result in notice warning
bugWrong source language used when associating 2 items and on is
already associated bby Joomla!
bugError when dissociating translations, incorrect database query


chgUpdated various language files
chgMake sure default ACL record is written to database upon
chgPHP 5.4.21+ compat: fatal error in plugin
chgJosetta jump admin module does CSS change, to match other admin
chgJ! 3.2 compatibility (Fatal error when creating JTable)


chgJ! 3.2 backward compatibility break: database replace prefix now
requires string to be namequoted
chgUpdated shLib to 0.2.5, for Joomla! 3.2 compatiblity (breaks
backward compatibility)
bugNotice display on PHP 5.4.+


bugFirst attempt to install free version over full version fails, need
to install again


chgUpdated front-end css to accomodate low-width devices. Thks
chgAllow extensions to not have any publish field
chgCustom fields created by plugins now get access to current
translation target language
chgReplaced flags in translate page tabs title with 2-letters language
chgRemoved flags on main translator page, replaced with two-letters
chghtml tag not closed in langauge string
chgUpdated Russian and Dutch translations, minor changes to other
chgTypo in English language string
Fixes #99
chgAdded handling of Joomla 3+ various associations types
chgArticles and category helper now also delete item associations in
Joomla! table
chgAdded a helper to read menu or item association setting, J2/J3
chgAdjusted copy of articles model to J3
chgAdjusted copy of menu item admin model for J3 compat
bugTranslator view search box doesn't work for extensions which title
column is not named "title". Thanks Julien.
bugPer menu item module assignments are not saved
fixes #120
bugArticle categories and article category modules do not allow
multiple category selection
bugMenu items assignment are not saved when translating a module
bugFrench translation causes javascript error on main page
Fixes #108