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Welcome to 4Video documentation

4Video is a module for Joomla 3 to 5, with the following features:

  • Insert Vimeo or Youtube videos as a regular module
  • Create a table of content sidebar, with clickable chapters to jump to specific points in the video
  • Core Web Vitals compatible implementation, with no Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)
  • Multiple instances on same page, mixing Vimeo and Youtube sources
  • Autopause one video if another is played. Across Vimeo/YouTube sources
  • Include inside articles or other locations with Joomla loadmoduleid feature

Example use

You can see 4Video in action on our site at We use it on the 4SEO product page, twice. Here is the same video embedded here in this documentation page using 4Video:

If you load this page with a browser extension to measure Core Web Vitals, you will see that contrary to the most common case, no Cummulative Layout Shift is generated, for the benefit of your users and search engines alike.

Simple video embed

Near the top of the page, you can see 4SEO video teaser, hosted through Vimeo and inserted in the simplest way:

Vimeo video inserted with 4Video

Video with jump points list

At the bottom of the page, we included our lengthier 4SEO Getting started guide. This makes use of 4Video jump points features to let you navigate back and forth between chapters as you require:

Vimeo video inserted with 4Video with a jump points list