Meet us this weekend at JoomlaDay UK 2016 in London

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Hi all,

We are very happy to let you know we are sponsoring JoomlaDay UK, which happens this saturday, february 13, in central London. The team has made a wonderful job of reviving the event after a short break, and the place has been sold out, even after adding some capacity. The full programme is on this page. As you can see, it's a pretty diverse offering, from UX to programming through site integration and SEO.

This will be double the pleasure for me: my first time attending a JoomlaDay in the UK, and also the first time for Weeblr as an event sponsor.

Big savings on Cybermonday

Hi all,

Cybermonday is with us already!

Here at Weeblr, the cybermonday2015.s203 coupon will get you 20% off and 3 months free added on Josetta and sh404SEF new one-year subscriptions.

On top of that, we and a host of other valuable Joomla! providers offer you the deals you hoped for:

Get free subscription with our referral program

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Hi all,

A few weeks back, we silently launched an initiative to help you get the highest value out of our products range: our referral program. In a few words: you get free months on your sh404SEF or Josetta subscriptions, while your friends or clients get discounts on their own.

Happy birthday Joomla!

 sh404SEF on Joomla 1.0

Hi all,

Joomla! is 10 today :-) A birthday calls for gifts, so we've got some great deals for you, from us and several of our friends in the Joomla! world.

But what a ride this has been!

10 years ago, I remember learning about Joomla! birth with a mixture of feelings. Surprise first: I was really, really not following closely the CMS land at the time. Puzzlement as well: why split from Mambo? what was this all about?. And lastly, a bit of resentment as well! What, now surely I would have to redo most of the few sites I was running on my spare time? And how backward-compatible was this thing going to be? (the more things change, the more they are the same, it seems!). Of course, I didn't want to migrate the dozen extensions I had already written. One of them, a system to get better SEF URLS, was really big and complex for me back then!