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4LOGS is a simple and free log files manager for Joomla 3 and 4


Hi All

While working with testers on the beta testing period of 4SEO, we found ourselves often wanting to look at logs files to read error messages or figure out the conditions under which a problem occured.

Joomla has a nice log files API that extensions can easily use to log details about their operations but it turns out accessing those log files is not that easy (FTP anyone?).

So we set out to quickly build a tool that does just that: easily manage Joomla log files. It's simple, it's free and it's called 4LOGS

4LOGS logo

4LOGS was just accepted on the Joomla Extensions Directory and so you can download it right now from there, or just install it from inside your Joomla site using the "Install from Web" tab of Joomla Extensions manager. 

4LOGS is a simple plugin with only one purpose: manage Joomla log files. With 4LOGS, it's a snap to:

  • View all available log files, sorted by folder, date and time
  • View their content with a single click
  • Download any log file to your computer
  • Delete any one of them
  • Improve your site operations by staying on top of errors and debugging

4LOGS showing a log file content on Joomla 3

Here it is, hoping you like it and find it useful,