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All Joomla SEO in one extension: 4SEO is here. Core Web Vitals included.


Hi All

3 weeks ago we quietly released the first stable version of 4SEO and I am thrilled by how well it was received by our existing subscribers, who were the first to know about it. Thank you all, especially all beta testers who worked with 4SEO 6 weeks before that release!

4SEO is the all-in-one extension for all of Joomla SEO, both on Joomla 3 & 4. With 4SEO you get:

  • structured data generation
  • meta data management
  • sitemap with only relevant URLs
  • broken links identification
  • redirection engine, canonical rules
  • content replacement (auto linking for instance)
  • several other tools needed for SEO (analytics snippets, custom code insertion, put some pages offline or 404)
  • work on the frontend
  • a fast and modern, single-page application interface
  • all in one single extension, making your site faster than if assembling several extensions

 Since that initial release, we had a few small maintenance versions but development also went on, and today I'm happy to announce the first feature version of 4SEO: version 1.1 brings Core Web Vitals measurement to Joomla, in a fully automated way.

What in the world is Core Web Vitals, you may ask? well, CWV are what the SEO world is all excited about, and has been for a little while. It's a new way of measuring website speed that Google just started using to rank pages in their results, as part of their Page Experience update.

The thing with Core Web Vitals is that they are hard to measure for websites owners because they rely on how fast your site is for your visitors, not when you run a speed test yourself.

So far, the only way to get real CWV values was from the Google Search Console but now 4SEO includes real-world Core Web Vitals measurement, taken using Google's exact methodology.

4SEO can show you exactly which pages are passing and which pages are failing, and why:

4SEO showing website pages that fail Google Core Web Vitals speed test

I have made a small presentation below with all information about the Page Experience update, how it works and whether you should be concerned about it.

 Simply update your current 4SEO version using the Joomla updater to know if and where you should work on your website speed. Core Web Vitals will start to be gathered automatically as visitors view your site pages.

Or get 4SEO now if you have not started with it yet! There's plenty to come, please watch the 2 minutes video, the longer Getting started video guide, browse our documentation or even the 4SEO roadmap to know what's ahead.