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4SEO Roadmap

April 23rd, 2021 [RELEASED]

First public release, beta version. Optimized support for Joomla native content, standard support for all extensions.

Minor releases, May 2021 [RELEASED]

  • Debugging and stabilization

Version 1.0, June 3, 2021 [RELEASED]

  • For Joomla 3. Continuous support of Joomla 4 as it changes.

Version 1.1, June 24, 2021 [RELEASED]

  • Performance metrics (Core Web Vitals)

Version 1.2, July 16, 2021 [RELEASED]

  • Sitemap page collection and exclusion improvements (exclude if archived or older than X days)
  • Error recording improvements
  • Messages and alerts Dismiss or Remind me later feature
  • Dutch translation

Version 1.3, July 22, 2021 August 5 August 20 [RELEASED]

  • Add optimized support for several common 3rd party extensions.
  • Auto build FAQ structured data based on tags or CSS classes
  • Add language selector in rules conditions Moved to 1.5, languages can be targeted with URL prefixes already.

1.3 was postponed a bit as we added the release of 1.2 in between. Released with support for K2 and Hikashop.

Version 1.4, September 16, 2021 September 30, 2021 [RELEASED]

  • expand 3rd-party extensions support
  • Images sitemap support
  • Support for some image galleries
  • Custom Error page delayed
  • SEO rule: include/exclude from sitemap Done in version 1.2
  • check alt images attributes postponed
  • Import/export data from pages delayed

Version 1.5, October 21, 2021 November 4, 2021

  • Custom Error page
  • Basic support for Joomla custom fields
  • Social data edition (title and desc), frontend and backend
  • Collect visits from search engines, build report
  • Import/export data from pages
  • Support for more galleries and E-commerce extensions
  • Add language selector in rules conditions postponed
  • User group based rules postponed

Version 2.0, end of 2021

  • sh404SEF metadata, canonical and redirect import
  • IP based rules
  • User Agent based rules
  • Config: export/import configuration, reset configuration

These are some rough guidelines, don't count on them that much!

delayed => pushed back a bit, still happening

postponed => moved to a yet undefined later date