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Accelerated Mobile Pages for Joomla, full release of wbAMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages in Google search results

Hi all,

Accelerated Mobile Pages are now showing on many occasions in Google mobile search results, and are really delivering on instantly displaying web pages. Not only that, but as can be seen on the above screenshot, they take a very prominent spot in the search results. As outlined by some, even if AMP is not a ranking factor yet, simply being one of the results on this cards is enough to justify going AMP! And did I say those pages display instantly!

And so, after last week release of the Community edition of wbAMP, I am pleased today to announce the availability of wbAMP full edition.

Like the Community edition, wbAMP generates automatically an Accelerated Mobile Pages version of pages you choose on your site, by converting HTML on the fly to the AMP specification. But with it you'll also get much more control on the content of your AMP pages, with features such as:

  • Custom embed tags for full control of media embedding (Youtube, Tweet, Facebook, Instagram,..)
  • Analytics: Google Analytics for your AMP pages
  • Social buttons: insert static versions of usual social sharing buttons, suitable for AMP pages + Analytics connector
  • Use standard Joomla! custom HTML modules to create parts of your pages, such as header, footer and navigation
  • Display user notifications, with button
  • K2 meta data extraction
  • Common Ads Networks integration

Accelerated Mobile Pages for Joomla

Accelerated Mobile Pages for Joomla on weeblr.com

Hi all,

Google has announced that tomorrow, february 24, they will start showing Accelerated Mobile Pages in their search results pages. This is big news for everyone involved in publishing information on the Web!

AMP use a modified version of your web site pages, so that display on mobile phones is incredibly fast. Users like fast, and so Google is putting a lot of effort in that program. Its robots have started indexing AMP pages on websites offering them, and those pages will get a front row in searches made from a mobile device. And of course, users will love them, asking for more.

The AMP project was announced last year, with many famous partners, including The Guardian, the New York Times or Wordpress.com being part of the initiative. This will certainly push adoption, with the Wordpress project having published some weeks ago a dedicated plugin.

We believe having an AMP version of your informational pages is going to be a major advantage in getting mobile traffic to your site. Being an SEO and content company, we have decided to bring this ability to Joomla!

So I am very pleased to announce that wbAMP, our new plugin for Joomla Accelerated Mobile Pages is available as of now.

wbAMP Logo

Analytics and Google search console talk at JoomlaDay UK 2016

Analytics and Google Search console talk

Hi all,

Just back from JoomlaDay UK, last saturday in London, and we have to tell you how great a Joomla! event it was!

Rowan and Brian put together an event which attracted more than 160 Joomlers from across the UK and Europe. The place was packed, with still plenty of room to meet and talk with people. Thanks to David Jardin and the video team, all talks are available online now (see links below).

I was lucky to speak as well, about Google Analytics and Search console - and the detailed slides of this talk is now available for viewing and download as well.

Meet us this weekend at JoomlaDay UK 2016 in London

JoomlaDayUk logo

Hi all,

We are very happy to let you know we are sponsoring JoomlaDay UK, which happens this saturday, february 13, in central London. The team has made a wonderful job of reviving the event after a short break, and the place has been sold out, even after adding some capacity. The full programme is on this page. As you can see, it's a pretty diverse offering, from UX to programming through site integration and SEO.

This will be double the pleasure for me: my first time attending a JoomlaDay in the UK, and also the first time for Weeblr as an event sponsor.

Big savings on Cybermonday

Hi all,

Cybermonday is with us already!

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