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Year's end extra discount on sh404SEF and wbAMP

Hi All

We're just out of Black Friday/CyberMonday madness where so many companies offer discounts so large it makes me wonder just how much they have to charge later to recoup their costs. Another thing that bugs me is that active, paying subscribers actually do not get those extraordinary deals.

We're not discount fans here as I prefer  offering our lowest possible price to everyone, all year's round. The exception is our subscribers who get a 20% discount when they renew and keep using our Joomla extensions.

But this year is not like any other: we quietly celebrated 10 years of sh404SEF being a professional extension - and 13 years since I started its development!

That's many years and many people have trusted us with their SEO during that time. So to celebrate with you, starting today and until January 3,

Active subscribers will get a 30% renewal discount instead of 20.

Even more exceptional: renewal discounts normally apply only to active subscribers, but again until January 3:

If your subscription to sh404SEF or wbAMP has expired, you can renew with a 20% discount.

Now is the time to take advantage of those anniversary discount as sh404SEF 4.18 and wbAMP 1.15 are just out today!