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A view of 4SEF main dashboard

Join us at JoomlaDay USA - April 22-24


Hi all,

We're not yet to meet in person at a JoomlaDay (although this is fast approaching), but we have the next best thing happening next week: JoomlaDay USA will be live and online April 22-24!

JoomlaDay USA 2022 online

 The dynamic team at JoomlaDay USA has put together a wonderful event with. It will happen online, using a dedicated event platform so that you can enjoy best quality audio and video, as well as react and ask question in the most comfortable way.

There's a full line-up of international speakers (the only benefit of online events, really), covering all aspects of Joomla website development, although this edition has of course a strong Joomla 4 flavor!

The schedule includes a variety of talks, but over the 3 days event, we'll also enjoy on Friday 22:

  • An Introduction to Joomla class by Rod Martin
  • A Bugs & fun @home Joomla code development session for designers, programmers or users, hosted by Olivier Buisard

as well as, on Sunday 24:

  • Let's talk code, a programmer workshop hostd by Benjamin Trenkle, one of the lead developers for Joomla 4
  • The power of modules in Joomla 4, a user workshop with Maarten Blokdijk

A view of 4SEF main dashboard

4SEF enters private beta testing period

Hi all,

This is a post many of you have been waiting for a while, I do hope it will be worth the wait! 4SEF is entering a private beta testing phase today, and this post will outline what it means in practice.

 What is 4SEF?

4SEF is a Joomla 3 and Joomla 4 extension that offers SEF URLs creation and customization. If that sounds familiar, it's likely because this is what sh404SEF has been doing for about 15 years now and if you read this, there's a chance you've used sh404SEF at some point in your Joomla adventures!

sh404SEF however is not really capable of making the jump to Joomla 4, and it is also limited now in terms of pure SEO features.

Last year, 4SEO was released to take over all of sh404SEF SEO features and add many more. Now 4SEF is - nearly - ready to take over creating and managing SEF URLs for either Joomla 3 and Joomla 4 websites.

It's not a stripped-down version of sh404SEF, re-packaged for Joomla 4. 4SEF is using the same modern user interface that powers 4SEO, and all its code has been rewritten from scratch for better performance and some improved features, while retaining the same SEF URLs that sh404SEF produces.

Where are we now?

 4SEF is not ready for primetime just yet. Today we are opening a private beta testing phase. This means I'm asking for a (small) group of testers to contact us so that they can start working with, testing and reporting back issues they find with 4SEF.

We've been testing 4SEF internally for a few months now, but external input is needed. Once this phase is complete, then 4SEF will be released publicly. 

A view of 4Video used to embed the 4SEO Getting started guide

4Video, a free high-performance video embed module for Joomla


Hi all,

This is a quick post to first wish you a happy new year, if this is a new year for you. And second to announce the release of a free Joomla module.

We developed 4Video initially for use in 4SEO and 4SEF.  But we also have been embedding videos on weeblr.com for a long time already, using the usual YouTube or Vimeo embed code.

And these common methods have proven to be under-performing, causing Cumulative Layout Shift errors on each page we were using videos. So I decided to convert our 4SEO video embed code into a regular Joomla module and so here is 4Video.

View of 4SEO sitemaps dashboard with number of pages and number of images included

Automatic images sitemap in 4SEO version 1.4.0


Hi All

4SEO version 1.4 has just been released, and it's getting us closer to our goal of a full modern SEO tool for your Joomla site by adding images sitemaps. 4SEO was able to create sitemaps from day one, but images is a slightly more complex topic and we had it on our roadmap for the 4th major release of 4SEO (in about 4 months!).

Rather than a lengthy blog post, I have made a video showing you both 1.3 and 1.4 new features in action, so if you favor videos or text, please enjoy. If you prefer text, I have also included the full transcript below.

4SEO version 1.3 and 1.4 in 4 minutes video