JoomlaDay USA is 2 weeks from now


Hi All

A bit more than 2 weeks to go and we'll finally be able to attend a JoomlaDay again. Well, sure, it's online but after so much time I'm pretty happy to gather with fellow Joomlers from around the USA and beyond.

So happy in fact that after being accepted to speak, I decided to become a sponsor and try help Laura and the entire team in putting the event together. Don't know the team? they've done this little video for you to get to know them!

The speaker line-up is impressive and they will cover the entire spectrum of building and running Joomla sites.

I myself will discuss "What's up in SEO in 2021", covering both new SEO things as well as trying to sort out what matters and what does not.

SEOInfo, our free Chrome and Firefox extension

A couple of months ago, I started using Firefox more and more and found that I was missing on at least one SEO-related extension. That's when I set out to build a simple browser extension to accompany me in Firefox and ... 2 months later, we now have a fully featured Firefox and Chrome SEO extension. Yes, it was so useful to me on Firefox that I could not do without it on Chrome :)

Here's is a short extract from the documentation:

SEOInfo displays icon alerts as you navigate website pages for SEO-related technical errors. At the click of a button, all SEO and performance information and graphs about the current page are displayed. This includes SEO checks and AMP validation inside the extension. This information can be saved with a single click to another tab for printing or saving to file.

What SEOInfo does

Plenty of things! A nearly full list can be found on this page of the documentation but there are mostly 2 things I wanted to achieve:

  • Get alerts on SEO-related issue while navigating pages of a website, withouth having to click on something or do anything at all
  • When needed, click a button to get a/ full information about the current page and b/ even more checks and validation at a click of a button

Year's end extra discount on sh404SEF and wbAMP

Hi All

We're just out of Black Friday/CyberMonday madness where so many companies offer discounts so large it makes me wonder just how much they have to charge later to recoup their costs. Another thing that bugs me is that active, paying subscribers actually do not get those extraordinary deals.

We're not discount fans here as I prefer  offering our lowest possible price to everyone, all year's round. The exception is our subscribers who get a 20% discount when they renew and keep using our Joomla extensions.

But this year is not like any other: we quietly celebrated 10 years of sh404SEF being a professional extension - and 13 years since I started its development!

That's many years and many people have trusted us with their SEO during that time. So to celebrate with you, starting today and until January 3,

Active subscribers will get a 30% renewal discount instead of 20.

Even more exceptional: renewal discounts normally apply only to active subscribers, but again until January 3:

If your subscription to sh404SEF or wbAMP has expired, you can renew with a 20% discount.

Now is the time to take advantage of those anniversary discount as sh404SEF 4.18 and wbAMP 1.15 are just out today!




Update your robots meta tag or become (nearly) invisible in Google Search results

 SEO is a constantly moving field but most often changes are "backward-compatible": if your site is properly set up and you have good content, you'll keep doing well even as technical SEO evolves and becomes more sophisticated. Additional techniques such as structured data, OGP, redirects and canonical and of course AMP can be  added step by step to improve results, especially in competitive fields.

You must opt-in to have full results in Google search

This is why the change happening to Google policies on Search results display is quite unusual  and more importantly, it potentially has much larger consequences for many websites owners. Negative consequences that is!

Up until now, when showing one or your site's page in their results, Google would use that page title, a short extract of the page content and possibly some images or video. And so your pages were getting full visibility. 

When the changes come into effect, news websites must opt-in to have extract, images and video be shown. If not, only your page title and URL will be displayed.

Time Savers for Joomla: JoomlaDay France 2018 talk by Peter Martin

Hi all,

Last weekend we attended JoomlaDay France 2018. You can see my longer report in this previous blog post.

Peter Martin is a veteran Joomla! site builder and developer from the Netherlands. He's been a well-known and esteemed member of the community for quite a few years. He offered in his session a number of best practices, tips and tricks to save the Joomla site builder a lot of time and efforts on a daily basis. This talk is in English.

We were also able to record sessions from:

  • Olivier Andrieu, probably the most well-known SEO person in France. It was his first appearance at a Joomla event, and he told us all about mobile and vocal SEO optimization. See his talk on this page.
  • Myself! I presented the latest updates to the Accelerated Mobile Pages ecosystem - See my talk here

Feel free to comment or ask questions below!