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Joomla 5 release announcement

Joomla 5 is here - so are all our extensions

Hi all,

Today's one of these great days, where the Joomla community can regroup around a major new release of our preferred CMS: Joomla 5 has just landed minutes ago and is available for all to upgrade to. 

What's in it?

No need to re-hash the Joomla.org announcement, you can read all the details there. Joomla 5 has a lot of internal, technical changes and improvements as well as new features. Let's mention:

  • Admin template dark mode
  • Some Structured data generation
  • Performance improvements
  • AVIF file format support (for more efficient images)
  • Latest version of TinyMCE, the content editor

4AI Joomla assistant main control panel

Unlimited sites on PRO plans

Hi all,

A super quick post, again about our subscriptions. A month ago, I announced that all our extension subscriptions would come in two flavors: updates and support for either 3 or 200 websites.

 - The regular plans including 3 websites are geared towards individuals who usually run one website. The plan includes 3 sites to account for test versions you may be running on a subdomain or on your computer, so that you don't have to worry about that

- The PRO plans include(d) up to 200 sites, and are of course for agencies and independent developers who operate a large number of websites on behalf of their clients

Turns out these 200 websites plans has caused some confusion with some users, so in the sake of clarification and effective immediately, all PRO plans are valid for an unlimited number of websites.

This has been reflected on the website, and if you purchased already a PRO plan, when it was showing a 200 sites limit, this of course applies to you as well and your subscription is valid for an unlimited number of sites.




sh404SEF main control panel screenshot from 2008

Price changes and sh404SEF discontinued soon

Hi all,

What I like discussing about in these blog posts and podcast episodes is technology, new features, and new products. But sometimes other, less fun topics must be addressed, and today I have not one but two such topics.

We'll have a new version of 4AI released later this week, now that GPT4 is available for all at last, but for now let's deal with price changes and the discontinuation of sh404SEF.

How to increase prices without increasing prices?

The elephant in the room: most of the world has been taken into a spiral of inflation and cost increases over the last couple of years. I am no exception, and it's been a struggle to try and keep our prices as they were during that time.

4AI offering to save a newly created blog post

4AI - New AI-powered Joomla assistant

Hi all,

Trying to keep up with technology is not easy these days, with nearly daily announcements of lots of different things. Some are just passing distractions, but some are likely to stick with us long term. I think most agree Large Language Models, often just called "AI", are one of these technologies that are going to stay and will change many things.

This is why a few months ago, looking at the API becoming available from different providers, I decided to start developing a new Joomla extension to bring AI-powered assistance to Joomla website owners: 4AI.

Why an extension when I can just use ChatGPT?

I believe chat-like interfaces such as ChatGPT are a good fit for many use cases but not the best for all - and I'm not the only one to think that by the way.

There are drawbacks to using chat-based tools, for instance:

  • you need to write your question, and to get a good result, it may take multiple attempts. Writing the right questions is not for everyone.
  • Being a Joomla extension, 4AI knows how to provide the prompt context the ChatGPT AI needs to do a proper job
  • Using the output is not always easy, for instance performing changes to existing content while respecting existing design, or just injecting the response into your Joomla site

In other words, ChatGPT is great for "open" discussions but using it directly inside of Joomla may not be as easy as it seems at first

There have already been a few plugins to use the ChatGPT API from inside Joomla, but they are mostly just an input field that's passed to the API, therefore not providing that much assistance.

And so here are the guiding principles for designing 4AI, the new Joomla assistant that we launched a couple of weeks ago at JoomlaDay Netherland:

Banner for JoomlaDagen 2023, May 12-13, Tillburg, Netherland

JoomlaDay Netherland - New AI-based Joomla extension

Hi all,

Just a(nother) quick post to announce a(nother) JoomlaDay. This time is it's JoomlaDagen, in Tillburg, Netherland and it's happening on May 12-13.

I'll be speaking on the first day and as JoomlaDagen 2023 is a live-only event, I'll be thrilled to meet you there if you have a chance to attend.

New and old speakers, many topics

There's a wonderful program and a big speaker line-up so make sure you go there, tickets are on sale and there's still some time left.

A new Joomla 3&4 extension is coming

I'll be speaking on Friday May 12 to present our latest extension. Yes, it's AI-based It'll be released as a public beta version on that same day. AI is coming to the world and while it raises many questions for the future, it's can already also be a useful tool today for our Joomla websites.

So please come and discover our take on how we can use AI-powered tools inside of Joomla.

In other news

Development continues for our other extensions, with both 4SEF and 4SEO having new releases this week. Aside from a few bug fixes and smaller improvements, these new versions expand vastly the number of languages 4SEF and 4SEO are available in:

  • 4SEO: added new full Czech and Portuguese translations
  • 4SEF: added new full Czech, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish versions

While we always focus on actual extensions user experience and speed, I try to remember that the first and more important factor deciding whether a piece of software is easy to use or not is that it speaks your language. Which is why 4SEO and 4SEO are now available in 14 languages.