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Selected podcasts for Joomla SEO from my playlist

Hi all,

I like podcasts. So much that we made 4Podcast to help you run your own podcast(s) using just your Joomla website. Most of the podcasts I listen to are technology and web development podcasts, as well of course as SEO oriented, so I figured it would be a good idea to share them.

Considering how many I follow, I'll be starting today with just SEO podcasts, and will get back soon with a similar post for tech and web development podcasts.

What's the problem with SEO?

We all hear that SEO is constantly changing, that we need to adjust to all these changes, always. But in fact, many things also stay exactly the same. New things appear everyday, and very often they just don't matter that much, if at all.

What's true is that figuring out where to best put our efforts to improve our website rankings requires a lot of - constant - learning. I have found 3 ways to do that compatible with how I work and live:

  • following blogs - through RSS feeds
  • following people on Twitter
  • listening to podcasts

Blogs and Twitter are also a topic for another day, but let's see why I found podcasts so useful.

Podcasts are an easy and efficient way to improve your Joomla SEO

Podcasts have really upped my game in recent years because:

  • they are easy to consume: no need to look at a screen, you can listen on many different occasions, you just need your phone basically.
  • there are many high-quality podcasts to learn from, including SEO podcasts
  • the right podcasts distill in 20 to 40mn actual SEO actionable items, or deeper, more general topics

What are my top SEO podcasts to listen to?

While none are Joomla-specific - except one! - the podcasts listed here explore topics that most Joomla website developers and owners should benefit from. Yes, you'll hear the WordPress name quite often but please don't be detracted, SEO is SEO.

These podcasts cover all aspects of SEO. We are very used to looking for advice on technical SEO, which is what 4SEO mostly help you with, but there is so much more to SEO: content and keywords research, reporting or outreach and backlinks. Many podcasts will also treat paid search together with SEO.

You should not have any trouble finding them on your preferred podcast platform, just search by name. I have also linked to their website when possible.


Search With Candour

Certainly one of my current preferred SEO podcasts. Hosted by Jack Chambers-Ward. A little bit of everything, never boring and with many interesting guests on specific topics. Not "just" SEO but also SEM/PPC. Rather in-depth content, with episodes typically between 45mn and 1hr. You may want to learn the SEO basics (see next) before jumping in, but most of it is actually quite accessible.

Recent episodes:


SEO 101

Hosted by Ross Dunn and John Carcutt, SEO 101 is dedicated to learning Search Engine Optimization from the very beginning. The plan is to provide helpful information, without the technical details overload that comes with it.

Really enjoyable for everyone, cover all the bases plus any ongoing change  - see last episode on impact of AI content.

Recent episodes:


Search Off the Record

Straight from the horse's mouth: the one podcast coming directly from the Google Search Relations team. While initially hosted by John Mueller, Gary Illyes and Martin Splitt, later joined by Lizzy Sassman, the podcast now often features guest specialists of the topic of the day. Occasionnally technical, but never really complex, very approachable

Pretty much all participants are Googlers and while no real secrets are actually disclosed, several episodes have provided very interesting, useful information on how Google Search works internally, and how that can impact our day-to-day SEO. For instance, to this day, you definitely want to be careful about relying on javascript for your content, especially for links!

If you can only listen to a handful of podcasts, include that one.

Recent episodes:


The SEO Rant

Hosted by Mordy Oberstein, Head of SEO Branding at Wix, various guests come on the show each week to tackle a specific subject. Usually between 20 and 30mn episodes, focusing a lot more on content, keywords and data than technical SEO.

Recent episodes:


The Recipe For SEO Success Show

Hosted by Kate Toon. Episodes every 2 weeks, between 30 and 45mn usually. Focus on explaining the main pillars of SEO and their relative importance. Some episodes specifically marked as "Newbie", to get started on a topic. An always impressive list of guests, from Google's John Mueller to recognized SEO specialists or developers such as Cyrus Shepherd, Yoast's Jono Alderson, Cyndy Krum or Rand Fishkin.

Recent episodes:


Search News You Can Use - SEO Podcast with Marie Haynes

Hosted by Marie Haynes, a renowned SEO specialist. Episodes from 20 to 40mn usually, focused on understanding how search engines operates, tracking and understanding changes in Google's algorithm updates. Sometimes with guests, usually only with Marie Haynes. Technical , a bit more for audience already familiar with SEO, very useful.

Recent episodes:

  • Is your traffic down? Understanding the many recent Google AI related updates and changes.
  • Charles Floate and Marie Haynes discuss breaking Google's guidelines, how PageRank has changed & AI
  • What is E-A-T? Advanced discussion on E-A-T and answering subscriber questions
  • Why did the October spam update crush so many sites? Important for all SEOs and website owners!


Serp's Up

Wix is famous in the last few years for having vastly improved the SEO quality of websites generated with their platform. Hosted by Mordy Oberstein (also host of the SEO rant above) and Crystal Carter, this podcast sheds light on common SEO topics and SEO news.

There are many guests, it's technical but not too much and a very good learning source.

Recent episodes:


The icing on the cake: The MastermindWeb podcast

Last on the list, but certainly not least: the only running podcast I know of entirely dedicated to Joomla.

It's in Spanish, hosted by Andrea Gentil and Carlos Cámara and has been running for several years - last episode is #138! Not really dedicated to SEO but many episodes are about it. For instance #137 about internal linking. Regular episodes on Joomla accessibility as well, an important topic as improved accessibily is often benefitial to SEO.

So if Spanish is your language, make sure to listen to Andrea and Carlos, they're always up to date on both the technical and marketing aspects of Joomla.

Recent episodes:

That's it for me. Hope that list will introduce you to new and valuable source of information.

Feel free to suggest your own preferred podcasts in the comments, especially if they are dedicated to Joomla. Please be kind to focus only on SEO podcasts, I'll have another post on tech/web dev podcasts soon. And while I also love good food, photography or travelling podcasts, that's not really what we talk about here at weeblr.com!