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Main address of the site

It is possible that your site is accessed through multiple URLs, such as with or without a leading www prefix for instance, or possibly several domains.

This is not optimal from an SEO standpoint and 4SEO can help ensure all content is accessed under one single address, called the canonical address or URL.

Make sure 4SEO properly identified the desired main address. This will be useful when crawling the site to analyze it.

Pay attention to the scheme - http:// vs https:// - and whether your site uses a www prefix or not. Using HTTPS is what you should be doing. Using www or not does not really matter as long as you are consistent and always use the same site address.

Then optionally set 4SEO to redirect any requests to the site to the main address, if it comes for another one.

As 4SEO discovers all pages on your site, it will encounter something that happens on most Joomla site: duplicate content.

Duplicate content is not the best term actually as it does not refer to content being duplicated but rather the same content being accessible using multiple addresses.

Common examples are links found on a site going sometimes to:

  • /some-page
  • /some-page/
  • /Some-Page

Joomla will most likely display the same content in each case but for a search engine, those are 3 different pages and it's not the best thing to have as all ranking signals may be split or lost between pages. Search engines usually deals pretty well with this situation nowadays but not always.

4SEO can automatically recognize this situation and insert invisible canonical links inside of your pages when such a situation is dtected. Following our previous example, 4SEO will insert a canonical link to /some-page on all three pages, making sure search engines are aware that /some-page is the real, "main" address of that content.

Meta data

4SEO can automatically compute a description meta tag for you in case none exists already on the page. This can help in cases where you have a lot of pages but cannot dedicate the time and resource to manually craft descriptions.

4SEO will try to build a description based on the page content. This is automated work so we always recommend to manually write description if a meta description is important to you.