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When building your sitemap, 4SEO pays a lot of attention to exclude all pages that may not provide the best SEO benefits and value. However, some pages can be hidden from 4SEO (eg, not linked from anywhere) and so you can inform 4SEO about them by listing them in one of two files: sitemap-4seo-custom.txt and sitemap-4seo-custom.xml.

Please visit the 4SEO sitemaps documentation page for details.

4SEO includes a simple editor to let you change the content of the sitemap-4seo-custom.txt file.

Custom sitemap file edition

Visiting the Custom sitemap menu item will show you the current content of sitemap-4seo-custom.txt file, if you have one (if you don't, the editor will be empty and you can just type in your desired content).

View of 4SEO sitemap-4seo-custom.txt file editor

After making any change, press the Save button in the toolbar to udpate the file on disk.