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Using 4SEO on the frontend

Although the 4SEO application is really fast and easy to use from the admin of your Joomla site for all SEO purposes, sometimes you may want to direclty use it on the frontend.

Typical use cases are:

  • Quick changes in metadata while looking at a newly or modified page
  • Let writers access metadata easily without granting full backend access to them

How does it work?

From a user perspective, it's as simple as:

  1. Being logged-in
  2. Navigating to the desired page
  3. Clicking the 4SEO icon displayed on the page

Joomla website page showing the 4SEO edit icon for a logged-in user

This opens up the 4SEO editing panel where user can modify metadata or social networks sharing information:

4SEO frontend edit screen to update Joomla site metadata or social network sharing image


The only configuration to perform before use is to select which user groups are allowed to access frontend editing.

By default, only Super Users can access the 4SEO frontend editing panel. To allow a user group access to frontend editing:

  1. Go to Joomla Global Configuration page then select the 4SEO page:

    View of 4SEO permissions configuration before changing them

  2. Select a user group and select Allowed in the corresponding drop-down selector.

    View of 4SEO permissions configuration after allowing the Editor groups frontend access

Once this is done, any member of the Editor group can access 4SEO frontend features.

You can revoke this access by reverting that changes and setting selecting back Inherited in the drop-down list.

While you can use some of your existing user groups to allow 4SEO access, it is often more flexible to create a specific user group for that. Let's call it Frontend SEO editors for instance. After granting that group the Edit SEO features on frontend permission, you can then add or remove users to or from that group to grant/revoke the right to do SEO work on the frontend with 4SEO.

Disabling frontend access

Frontend access is enabled by default to logged-in users with appropriate permissions. You can globally disable frontend editing on the Configuration | Editing page.