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Internal link errors

This page list all errors that were recorded after following a link on your site. They denote a quality issue more than an SEO one, because if 4SEO found those links, then your visitors will see them too.

Search engines will not bother too much about broken links on your site, as this is an expected reality, but you should absolutely fix those links for your visitors links.

List of broken links on a website


Although not technically a broken link, 4SEO will list on this page links that triggers one or more redirects to another page.

In this case, the site is not broken, and a visitor clicking the link will end up on the right page. However, for performance and thus SEO, it is better to replace that old redirected link by a direct link to the final destination.

For each redirected link, you can click the Found on pages button to see:

  • the list of pages where that link was found
  • the final redirect target URL

View of list of pages where a redirected link was found


Exactly like redirects, you can select a 404 error in the list and display on which page these broken links have been found:

View of list of pages where a broken link was found

Make sure to fix the links on these pages to avoid your visitor clicking on them and being faced with an error.