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sh404SEF and Josetta have a new home

Welcome to the new weeblr.com!

My name is Yannick Gaultier. At the end of summer 2006, I released the first public version of sh404SEF to Joomla! users. At the time, it was only very simple SEF URL manager, but quickly its feature set expanded into many different areas of SEO, security and site analytics.

I have been lucky to see it used by many through the following years, to the point where it became necessary to turn its development and support into a full time operation. For the last 5 five years, during which Josetta, the translation manager, came to life, I got into a distribution agreement with Anything Digital, which provided sales and first-level support for both extensions, while I would concentrate on development work and handling trickier support cases.

As of today however, I am pleased to announce that my own company, Weeblr llc, will again be entirely in charge of sh404SEF and Josetta: sales, support, and of course development as before. Weeblr.com is now the source for official support, documentation and most importantly download of any new version of both sh404SEF and Josetta, starting with the just released versions 4.4.8 and 2.3.1 respectively.

It certainly is a big change, but one I feel is now necessary to keep both products at the forefront of their categories, as well as start new extensions and products better suited to a changing environment. I want to get back on the front line, in touch with Joomla! and sh404SEF users around the world, have more direct talks. These are my goals in switching back from a safe spot to a more exposed but hopefully more rewarding and efficient one.

We've tried to create a simple but efficient site, geared towards more direct communication, while the forum is here for all open discussions. It's new, so you may experience a few hiccups here and there, please get in touch on the forum or directly by email.

Now down to the nitty gritty details of sh404SEF and Josetta coming back home! First, pricing and subscriptions (12 months only) are unchanged. If you have an existing sh404SEF or Josetta subscriptions, we will happily honor it for its remaining duration. We couldn't find a way to automate this, so please create an account on the site and , with your name, the email address you use and some sort of proof of purchase. We'll set you up quickly here with a new account. And we'll extend your subscription by 4 months to offset that paperwork and as a token of gratitude.[EDIT]This offer has now ended, all new customers will need to purchase a subscription to access our download and support pages.

Now this is nice, but a little unfair for newcomers, so for the next 2 weeks, all new yearly subscriptions will actually last 16 months!

What else? much, much more, but this blog post is probably already way too long! Please ask any question you may have here in the comments or on Twitter.

TL;DR: sh404SEF and Josetta have a new home. Same people writing the code since 2006. Direct support, more features.